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MMC's Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Offers Flight Endurance of Up to 4 Hours
The H-1 Fuel Cell is a drone agnostic solution, compatible with MMC's own ... as well as other commercial drones from manufacturers including DJI.
Hydrogen Powered Drones and 4k Camera Drones
Many companies like GoPro, DJI, Intelligent Energy and Flyer, have transformed the way we used to look at drones. Drones are no longer meagre toys ...
Miniaturized Hydrogen Fuel Cells Promise Six-Fold Increase in Drone Flight Times
Intelligent Energy has previously worked with Boeing and Airbus in development of fuel cells. In a test, a DJI Matrice 100 drone was fitted with one of ...
Intelligent Energy Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Extend Flight Time of Drones
Intelligent Energy has developed a prototype for a hydrogen fuel cell which can be installed into a drone. In a test, a DJI Matrice 100 drone was fitted ...
2 hours flight times with hydrogen power cells?
What the hell... is this a Matrice with an hydrogen cell?Hydrogen fuel cells give drones 'several hours' of flight time

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