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Hundreds violate FAA's no drone fly zone at Balloon Fiesta
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - The Balloon Fiesta is one of the most photographed events in the world. Everyone wants to get that perfect shot, but ...
Hundreds of drones are displayed at 2018 World Drone Congress and the Third Shenzhen ...
The three-day event showed highlighted the booming drone industry in ... Chinese companies active in the drone market, with DJI being the largest, ...
GoPro Cuts Hundreds of Jobs, Stock Falls 25 Percent
When GoPro launched the Karma, its first drone designed for the company's cameras, in September 2016, it was already facing an uphill battle after production delays and a market dominated by drone maker DJI. "Despite significant marketing support, we found consumers were reluctant to purchase ...
Bad Karma – GoPro Fires Hundreds of Workers and Exits the Drone Business
The Karma has been a problematic product from the start causing the company a lot of pain, technical issues and acute malfunctions to such an extent that even led to drones falling from the sky. GoPro executed a mass recall, but then came the DJI's Mavic Pro which completely defeated Karma in almost ...
Karma Struggles: GoPro Lays Off Hundreds of Employees
GoPro's Karma drone has failed to meaningfully compete with the likes of Chinese company DJI, which produces the Spark, Mavic Pro, and Phantom models. DJI controls a whopping 70 percent of the consumer drone market. Impressive and daunting, since their drones might just be Chinese spies.
GoPro Karma Drone Disaster Leads To Hundreds Of Layoffs: Maybe GoPro Should Stick To ...
The problem was eventually traced to the Karma drone battery being shaken loose due to vibrations while flying. The GoPro Karma drone was re-released in February 2017. The drone actually found commercial success afterward, but DJI remained on top of the drone industry with its Mavic Pro and ...

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