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This 'Flying Battery' Drone Can Fly Two Hours on a Single Charge
If you're an aerial photographer who's frustrated with the maximum flight times of the latest drones, you might want to keep an eye on the startup ...
This quadcopter is a 'flying battery' than can stay in the sky for 2 hours
Designed by experienced engineers from the likes of Tesla and SpaceX, the US-1 drone is, in simple terms, a battery with propellors. Indeed, the ...
'Flying battery' drone can apparently hover non-stop for two hours
A startup called Impossible Aerospace claims its "flying battery" drone has a flight time of up to two hours. If that holds true, the US-1 will be able to stay ...
DJI Mavic 2 'Pro' & 'Zoom' Launch Event Commences In Less Than 24 Hours
Drone consumers are preparing themselves for the biggest announcement of the year, other manufacturers have tried to compete with DJI, all have ...
Forty Eight hours as a drone data analyst in a major wildfire in California
In both this fire and the Tubb's fire in Santa Rosa last October, my role has been to coordinate drone data capture and mapping products to the right ...
SimActive Software Saving Hours for DJI Drone Surveys
In conjunction with their DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone imagery, Correlator3D™ is significantly reducing the field work and processing time per project for ...

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