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US Smart Controllers Sell Out in 12 Hours
We checked our list of drone suppliers and found the DJI Smart Controller is still on pre-order or 'notify when in stock' at retailers like B&H Photo and ...
DJI Smart Controller sells out in first 24 hours after becoming available in US
Clearly, many drone pilots appreciate the brighter, built-in display, better range and other features that the DJI Smart Controller offers.
Two people are arrested over 'criminal use of drones' at Gatwick Airport hours after army thwarts ...
Two people have been arrested in connection with criminal drone activity at ... The drone is confirmed to have flown over the airport again on Friday ...... an advanced non-DJI drone, which rendered the commercial technology used ...
Drones shut down Gatwick airport for over 24 hours
In response to what appeared to be footage of a DJI drone dropping bombs in the fighting in Ukraine, DJI issued a statement that geofencing is ...

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