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DJI's Brendan Schulman talks about the FAA, Congress and the possible impact for hobbyist drone ...
DJI's VP of Policy and Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman talks about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Congress and how new upcoming regulations may impact hobbyist drone pilots. Brendan has been part of the Aviation Rule Making Committee (ARC) to create a report with ...
DroneBase Creates Augmented Reality Platform for Commercial, Hobbyist Uses
DroneBase, a Los Angeles-headquartered drone platform backed by DJI, has launched AirCraft, an augmented reality (AR) platform for commercial ...
Federal Court Rules Hobbyist Drone Registration UNLAWFUL
Finally ! Some sanity to FAA craziness. The fight continues, but this is a start.Hobbyist Drone Registration Ruled Unlawful | Drone360 Magazine
Hobbyist turned comm-ops
Joined phantom pilots a little while back but thought I would check out inspire land as well. Cheers!Hello everyone. I’ve been a hobbyist for years but I’ve since turned to the commercial world and thought I would start the conversation around the small UAS field for hobbyists turned pro. With PT 107 coming I think now is a great opportunity to get into the field and expect that with our background, many more of us will.A little about me; For the last year I have been flying small UAS...Hobbyist turned comm-ops
Hobbyist flies drone up to 11000 feet, breaking numerous laws en route
In a move that has certainly drawn the eyeballs of enthusiasts and law enforcers alike, YouTube user Tollymaster flew his DJI Phantom 2 drone up to ...
Hobbyist Flies Drone To 11000 Feet
Which might be why, shortly after posting a video of his DJI Phantom 2 drone soaring more than 2 miles high on March 3rd, YouTube user Tollymaster ...
The Model Plane Hobbyist Versus Drone Pilot Culture War Heats Up
But there is one group that views drone pilots, not the drones themselves, ... The top, stickied post currently at Reddit's dedicated DJI Phantom drone ...
Commercial and The Hobbyist
Just some questions after some past discussions with friends and reading the current requirements of AMA insurance and restrictions compared to going commercial. After reading the AMA site which I have been a past member for a few years it seems that the restrictions of flight are greater compared to the commercial operator. To start I always thought AMA supplied insurance for the Hobbyist that flew at designated flying fields or there own backyard? Now I see they will cover you everywhere...Commercial and The Hobbyist

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