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Drone Company DJI Reveals An Internal Fraud Causing Over $150 Million Loss
Multiple employees were caught inflating the prices of parts that may see the drone maker lose as much as $150 million. DJI is currently investigating ...
Drone maker DJI is losing $150 million to its own employees through fraud
A hot potato: Part costs were rising a little too quickly at DJI because employees were artificially raising costs to take home the extra for themselves.
Drone maker DJI discovers $150-million losses from fraud
INTERNATIONAL – DJI has unearthed cases of fraud involving its own employees that may trigger losses of about 1 billion yuan (R2.80bn) for the ...
Employees Looted Drone Maker DJI in $150M Fraud
Chinese drone maker DJI, the world's largest maker of recreational small UASs, lost $150 million last year due to a wide-sweeping internal financial ...
Drone Maker DJI Rocked By Massive Fraud Scandal Triggering $150 Million Loss
DJI discovered the corruption through a routine quality check. Various employees inflated the cost of drone parts in order to line their own pockets.
Latest DJI drone incorporates thermal imaging camera from FLIR
DJI's Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone will feature FLIR thermal imaging cameras that will bring thermal imaging, as well as visible imagery, to users ...
Drone giant DJI unearths $150-million losses from fraud
DJI has unearthed cases of fraud involving its own employees that may trigger losses of about a billion yuan (US$150-million) for the world's largest ...
Chinese drone maker DJI uncovers fraud that could cost it $150 million
Hong Kong (CNN Business) Top drone maker DJI announced that it has fired some of its employees after uncovering fraud cases that could cost it ...

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