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DJI Data, Hacks and Security – Commercial Drones FM Podcast Insights
The variety of ways in which DJI has dominated headlines across the drone industry is as impressive as it is overwhelming. While headlines around the release of the DJI Mavic Air and Aeroscope have been the exact sort the company envisioned, ones associated with the US Army's memo to ...
The Buzz: Featuring Grants, Hacks, Goggles, and More!
The GEO system plays an absolutely crucial role in keeping DJI drones out of manned airspace, away from sensitive facilities, and generally away ...
How High Schoolers' Hacks Fixed a Whale Snot-Collecting Drone
To accomplish this task, Kerr has been flying a DJI Phantom drone that he dubbed “SnotBot” across the ocean and over the backs of dozens of whales ...
Pokémon Go players are using hacks, drones and cheating tools to get out of walking
One player attached his Android phone to a DJI Drone device and, from the comfort of his own backyard, flew around his neighborhood trying to find ...

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