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The complete guide to US drone ownership: Rules, best practice, insurance and FAA registration
With Christmas just around the corner, the number of drones buzzing through the skies is sure to increase. With their ability to fly long distances for up to 30 minutes at a time, carry an Ultra HD camera and even navigate themselves, drones can make attractive gifts. But their performance has reached the ...
Which DJI Drone Should You Buy for the Holidays? A DJI Buying Guide
As drones continue to become more and more popular, it shouldn't be a surprise that these will be one of the hottest holiday gifts for anyone who is into photography and videography. With DJI being the leader in the drone industry, there are several drones on the market to choose from, but which one ...
Gift Guide: Obliterate your Christmas bonus on these tech gadgets
DJI Spark - The DJI Spark is the answer to an affordable and premium drone experience. Chinese drone-manufacturer, DJI has risen to become one of the best drone brands in the world, and this year announced the smallest drone in its range - the Spark. The mini-drone is small enough to fit and launch ...
1 Published 2018 Drone Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers of Drones, a consumer awareness portal specifically meant for people who are interested in buying DJI drones, recently published their latest guide, 2018 drone buying guide, for first-time buyers of drones. The reviewers said that they have focused on the latest DJI products only, so that their ...
Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to buy a shutterbug?
The solution is a small drone that you can bring anywhere and won't take up too much space in your bag. For me, the DJI Spark has quickly become an indispensable tool since its launch earlier this year. It is small, versatile and has a camera that can shoot 12-megapixel still images and Full HD videos.
A gift guide for drone lovers
DJI represents over 60% of the drone market, and for good reason. They have quality products and run the spectrum for user needs. And Black Friday ...
Apple's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide features all the accessories you'll ever need
Finally, at the bottom of the page, Apple has a few third-party gifts on display as well, including Sphero's R2-D2 droid, a DJI drone, a wireless charging ...
Droning on: a rapid and high-flying guide to drone buying
Which of the many types of drone or UAV is right for your piloting needs, captain? ... DJI leads the way in this respect with a roster of extremely reliable, ...

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