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3 Lessons From GoPro's 3 Biggest Missteps
Another investment GoPro made was in drones, where it seemed to have a natural line extension. GoPro's cameras were the standard camera for early DJI drones that captured consumers' imaginations, but GoPro messed up its drone product in myriad ways. By 2016, when GoPro finally launched the ...
4 Reasons GoPro's Drone Dreams Evaporated
The drone market was already dominated by Chinese company DJI Innovations, which launched its first line of Phantom drones in 2013. The earlier Phantom drones included mounts for GoPro cameras, but DJI started installing its own cameras -- which could be remotely controlled -- starting with the ...
GoPro's Business on a Timeline: A Look at GoPro's Downward Spiral
I've been following GoPro's business woes for quite a while, and there came a point in which DJI was clearly going from underdog to a serious competitor. After the recall of GoPro's Karma Drone, I realized that DJI's potential stock market value was far greater than GoPro's stock value at the time.
GoPro's Karma Drone Is Officially Dead
When the Karma drone was first announced in late 2015, it entered a competitive world. Led by behemoth DJI—which is to drones what, well, GoPro is to POV action cams—the consumer drone market was already extremely crowded. But I was still initially excited about the Karma, as it was one of the ...
GoPro's Drone Division Staff Laid Off
The launch of its first drone - the Karma - wasn't without its problems either. DJI has a dominant consumer drone market share of about 70%. Ahead of Karma's slated release in 2016, GoPro announced in an earnings report that it was pushing the release back to the end of the year. "It's clearly not selling ...
GoPro's Bad Karma Leads To Hundreds Of Layoffs In Drone Division
However, GoPro, which made a name for itself with action cameras, though that it could encroach into DJI's territory with its swanky Karma drone. Well, things haven't exactly been going well for the company on the drone front. A fresh report from TechCrunch says that GoPro will lay off between 200 to ...
GoPro's Karma drone is getting a 'follow' mode
But while those names might evoke something along the lines of the computer vision-driven, subject-tracking modes on DJI's drones, they're not quite ...
Inside GoPro's Drone Business
GoPro (GPRO) has had a troubled start in the drone business. ... But the recall meant a loss of sales opportunities to rivals like China's (MCHI) DJI.

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