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DJI says a report proves it doesn't spy, but that might not be enough for critics
DJI says a report proves it doesn't spy, but that might not be enough for critics ... DJI says it doesn't send user data to China, pointing to an independent report it commissioned to fight rumors that information from its drones were being sent ... But one expert tells us it might not be enough for DJI's critics.
DJI doesn't harvest drone users' data without their consent, per independent study
In a statement, Michael Perry, DJI's managing director for North America, says that the Kivu report “clearly debunks unsubstantiated rumors about our products and assures our customers that they can continue flying DJI drones with confidence.” Although DJI is promoting the results of the study, it says it ...
3 Lessons From GoPro's 3 Biggest Missteps
Another investment GoPro made was in drones, where it seemed to have a natural line extension. GoPro's cameras were the standard camera for early DJI drones that captured consumers' imaginations, but GoPro messed up its drone product in myriad ways. By 2016, when GoPro finally launched the ...
The International Civil Aviation Organization calls for drone airspace management solutions
In September this year, the organization will host their second Drone Enable/2 Symposium to facilitate a global approach to safely integrate UAS ... Some manufacturers, such as DJI with their Aeroscope solution for remote identification of drones, are pro-actively trying to prevent this from happening.
Drone Market: What Goes Up Doesn't Always Come Down
Around his neighborhood families are using drones just for fun. What's not as hot are drones on the lower end, which Arnold says does make the drone business a little atypical. The Chinese DJI brand (pictured above) has captured a big part of the market — some reports say it owns half of the total U.S. ...
Honeywell Tries 'Offboarding' Drone's Flight Management System
Demonstrating yet another application for small drones, Honeywell Aerospace is flying a DJI quadcopter to demonstrate its concept of using a certified flight management system (FMS) from the ground to support an unmanned aircraft system in flight. Boeing has used a DJI quadcopter to shoot overhead ...
Amazon, Boeing, GE and Google to develop private Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system
The drone industry and technology is developing at such a rapid pace that the need for an air traffic management system becomes increasingly more urgent. The LAANC roll-out and initiatives such as DJI's Aeroscope are important steps to bring drones into the national airspace and provide drone ...
Airmap and Skyguide partner to create Europe's First National Drone Traffic Management System
In a press release, we learn that leading airspace intelligence platform Airmap will partner with Skyguide, a Swiss air navigation provider to create Europe's first National drone traffic management system. The Unmanned Traffic Mangement (UTM) system, also known as U-space, will be first launched in ...

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