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No Spark But DJI Ronin 2 Cements Professional Focus
While not focused on the latest drone for sale from DJI, the company did unveil the Ronin 2. We've all heard of the Ronin, and when it first launched ...
Introducing the Seagate DJI Fly Drive for Drone Video Management
Aiming to make drone-captured data management easier, Seagate and DJI have announced the first data solution from their strategic partnership ...
Focus Peaking
Can anybody please tell me how to turn off 'focus peaking'? I can't seem to find the off switch for it. I know Dr Jon, on a past post, asked about how to turn it off but couldn't find where anybody help him with it. Thank you.
Gimbal Growling and Finicky Focus
This is my first All DJI Aircraft, so please be gentle as I'm a newbie....Inspire 2Have the stock 15 and Olympus 25 & 45. I've been using Movi gimbals for some time so am familiar with balancing etc But...Q1:Once balanced, I find I always need to run gimbal calibration. Is this common? I envisioned a Plug n Play environment.Q2:Seldom does a gimbal calibration yield a calm and quite result. More likely I can certainly feel, and sometimes even hear the gimbal "growling" in...Gimbal Growling and Finicky Focus
Red in focus highlighting
I can't switch this off. Tried everything, I know it should be simple, i have read the manual. Any help appreciated.ThanksLes
Free subscription to drone data management cloud application
Hi Inspire Pilot members,I’m the president and co-founder of Optelos, a drone data management software company. In a nutshell our software lets you manage drone job activities, upload results, tag and annotate, and share your project with clients and other users. We can even create branded site for you...basically think of Optelos as a better “Dropbox for drone projects”. We've just launched our Drone Work Advisor software platform for drone operators and would like to extend a...Free subscription to drone data management cloud application

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