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Focus Options
I am just about to pull the trigger on the I2 with an X4S. I have two Phantom 4's with the fixed focus which work great for me. I also have a Mavic Pro that has autofocus which is a Pain. I saw something about the I2 having auto focus. Is that true? If can set to infinity. I am usually videoing Real Estate and points of interest are 25ft or greater. Any help would be appreciated.One more thing. Would I expect to use ND filters like I do on my Phantoms to get the shutter speed down...Focus Options
Inspire 2 with DJI Focus Wheel
I am using a borrowed dealer demo focus wheel from @Florida Drone Supply on my Inspire 2. I have it connected to the Secraft Transmitter Tray that I just received today. There is no store bought mounting bracket yet so I used a DJI bicycle handle bar mount arm for the connection I needed for the tray. The focus mode on the app needs to be set to manual and when connected the focus display shows on the app allowing you to use the on screen finger mode to adjust focus or...Inspire 2 with DJI Focus Wheel
X5 always slightly out of focus
Hi all,I wanted to see if you had any ideas as there a lot of you that know substantially more that me on this site. I am an above average pilot and have been flying fixed wing rotor, and multi rotor for many years. The filming part is newer and I am slowly getting better and better at that part.One Issue I seem to keep having is that when using the X5 camera, my video is almost always slightly out of focus using the M.Zuk 12mm lens. I have let it auto focus. I have manually set it to...X5 always slightly out of focus
Dji Wireless focus? 5.8 extension?
hello-Does the wireless focus wheel work with the proper bus cable and the 5.8ghz extension for the i2? I was thinking about biting the bullet and getting that system. Does it control aperture as well if you want? Thanks-
Using DJI Focus with Inspire 2
Does anyone here have experience using the DJI Focus with an Inspire 1 or 2? I own it and use it with my Ronin and would like to use it with my Inspire 2. There seem to be two options for mounting: 1) Mount the complete unit (DJI Remote Controller Focus Mount | DJI Store)or2) Just mount the hand wheel (Buy Inspire 2 - DJI Focus Handwheel...Using DJI Focus with Inspire 2
DJI Focus Handwheel for I2
Hello,do you know if the Focus Handwheel is compatible with I2 ?Another thing, I read that HF Focus Remote (not same thing) don't work in 2.4Ghz with master controller. You need to connect HF focus remote to master controller by wire when you focus from X5S.thanks for your help
Identify DJI Focus Remote Modle
I've done some searching, but can't find the answer to this...Does anyone know how to identify what model focus remote I have? I picked it up off eBay and didn't realise there is Version 1 and version 2!Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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