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DJI Turns Focus to Agriculture Sector
China drone-manufacturer DJI is betting on flying drones capable of shooting pesticide instead of photos to repel rising rivalry in the international ...
Drone makers shift focus to agriculture
Civilian drones maker DJI is expanding from leisure photography into more professional uses, and it sees farming as the future for the burgeoning ...
Want to buy a dji follow focus and motor
anyone want to sell their dji follow focus and motor? I'm in the Los Angeles area.
Focus Wheel question
How many different models of the focus wheel are there?I see the $1000 looks like last years model.And on Amazon the Focus Wheel which looks just like the Focus Wheel 2 on the DJI site, but is $100 less.On B&H it is two different SKUsDJI Focus Handwheel 2 for Inspire 2 & Osmo Pro/RAW B&H # DJZM000524 ■MFR # CP.ZM.000524DJI Osmo Focus Handwheel B&H # DJZM000456 ■MFR # CP.ZM.000456
I2 FPV Camera/X5S Focus
I have an issue with my I2 drone that I can't seem to remedy with IMU/Gimbal calibration. The FPV camera consistently has a left hand slant. In flight it will go to and stay at it's extreme left limit at times. Another problem is with the X5S camera/focus. The majority of the time the left side of the image will be soft/out of focus while the center/right side will be sharp. At times the whole frame will be in focus. Thoughts?
New Focus and Monitoring Accessories for DJI Osmo and Inspire 2
Let's take a look at the DJI Focus Handwheel 2 and Osmo Pro/Raw Wired ... allows you to directly mount the wheel controller to the drone's remote.
Focus Hand Wheel Glitch
Purchased a DJI Focus Handwheel this week for my Inspire 2 and noted a glitch. The unit is plugged into my GPS module which in turn is plugged into the Controller. The software updated automatically after install.I noticed that the f stop cannot be controlled manually with on screen controls. Attempting to change the f stop always brings it back to f2. The same occurs if I try to do it with the focus controller.Restarting the I2, controller or ap does not help. The simple fix is...Focus Hand Wheel Glitch

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