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Flying on Beartooth Pass Wyoming
heading to Beartooth Pass Wyoming this summer and was thinking of taking the drone but couldn't find and real answers as to whether it is legal or illegal to fly on the Beartooth I know it's illegal in Yellowstone but couldn't find any info on the Beartooth...anyone know?
Flying inside Minnesota Stadiums
Aerial Vūz of Minnesota's StadiumsAt we've been working on flying all the Minnesota based stadiums. We have only one left. Target field. I think they will come around after seeing this reel.I'd love to see some stadium footage from around the USA if you have them!
DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Comes Up With Flying 4K Recording Enabled Camera
DJI - Introducing the Phantom 4 (Photo : Youtube/DJI) The Phantom 4 makes flying easier and more fun than ever. Control it with a tap, automatically ...
Flying over water w/ V01.0.0240
Hi Guys,I noticed on the recent firmware update that DJI had noted, "Enhanced the accuracy of detecting water or flat surfaces." For those of you hat are regularly flying over water, are you still turning off the downward vision system?
A New Approach to Flying DJI Drones: Litchi App
As one of the most popular autonomously flying apps on the market, Litchi is taking the complexity out of flying drones. Drone enthusiasts now can ...
Obsession with flying machines
Some of DJI's latest drones are popular with movie-makers as they can mount professional cameras, slashing shooting costs by eliminating the use of ...

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