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FAA lays out its plan to ease restrictions on drones flying at night and over people
DJI Phantom drone A DJI Phantom ... If the proposed regulations go into effect, drone flights at night and over people could become more routine.
The DJI Smart Controller takes drone flying to new heights
How do you take a great drone like the DJI Mavic 2 and make it greater? That's the question DJI hopes to answer with the brand new DJI Smart ...
What kept the NYPD from flying security drones on New Year's Eve?
This was not only because it didn't want to damage its drones, but also ... The NYPD fleet consists of 11 DJI Mavic Pro quadcopters, two DJI Matrice ...
We are woefully unprepared to counter people flying drones with malicious intent
By April last year, it had become such a regular occurrence in China that the drone manufacturer DJI offered £112,000 for information about anyone ...
How can drones be prevented from flying too close to airports?
This suggests the drones are not like those commercially sold by companies like DJI and Parrot, but more akin to larger unmanned aircraft used by TV ...
Drone laws: What are the rules of owning, flying and shooting down drones in the UK?
Drones have been causing chaos at London's Gatwick airport, with .... Some drone makers, such as DJI, pre-program their drones with technology ...
How to get into FPV drone flying – Step one
Even if you've flown a drone before you'll want to learn how to fly acro. ... that is completely different than flying a self-leveling drone like a DJI Mavic.

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