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DJI opens drone arena in Tokyo for enthusiasts to test their flying skills
Drone giant DJI has opened a new arena in Japan for hobbyists and more hardcore enthusiasts to test their flying skills in a fully equipped space.
DJI Launches Privacy Mode for Flying Drones Offline
Two months after the US Army ended its use of DJI drones due to “cybersecurity” reasons, DJI has just launched a new privacy mode that allows ...
DJI Launches Private Flying Mode With No Data Connection
Chinese-based, DJI, has launched a stealthy new 'privacy mode' for its drones, notably blocking the exchange of internet data during flights.
DJI builds new feature that makes drone flying non-traceable
Hobbyists, governments, and enterprise drone operators can now be assured that their usage is fully private as DJI has launched a new feature for its ...
Field Test: Flying a Mavic Pro With Epson's Moverio BT-300FPV AR Glasses
One of the trickiest parts of flying a drone is trying to look in two directions at once. Looking up at ... For flying the Mavic Pro, Epson provides DJI GO 4.
Claremore man's drone photography business is flying high
“I use the most up to date DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drones, which has a 20MP camera to capture 4K 60 fps video, with a 30-minute maximum fight time, and ...
This Is What It's Like Flying a Drone in the Eye of a Hurricane
He wanted to fly his DJI Mavic Pro drone in the eye of the hurricane — a ... And at one point, he ended up with the drone out 10 feet over the ocean ...

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