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I2 X4S newbie - flying during windy days
Hi guysI've a question concerning the behaviour of I2 while flying in windy days.I noticed when I2 reaches about 50/60 meters high, the horizon of FPV camera is very inclined towards wind direction: is that normal?Shouldn't I2 IMU compensate and try to keep the FPV camera as much as possible straight?Calling back I2 closer to me, I could see that FPV is not mis-aligned and the whole aircraft is really inclined towards wind direction, and the inclination changes (disappear) when I turn...I2 X4S newbie - flying during windy days
Flying in R453B
Hey guys,I am a new ReOc holder and looking to do a real estate job down near Vincentia, NSW in R453B. It is a military zone by the looks of it and i had a look at the NOTAM's but still not 100% sure if i can or can't fly there. It reads as per below. Can anyone let me know if i can fly here.TASMAN SEA AIRSPACE (TSX) C179/17 R453CDEFGHJKLMNP ACT (RA2) DUE MIL FLYING/NON-FLYING FOR SAR, MEDICAL EMERGENCY...Flying in R453B
Litchi Waypoint "MISSION ENDED" and keeps on flying!
Hi Forum! I've now had TWO instances of this and want to see if anyone has any ideas:I'm using Litchi with a single controller doing a very short waypoint mission (only about 100 feet from me), and shortly after executing, the controller announces "MISSION ENDED" -- and suddenly the Inspire is left throttling forward along a linear path at the same speed the mission left it in. I remain in control, meaning I can maneuver, BUT the resting throttle speed seems to reset to whatever...Litchi Waypoint "MISSION ENDED" and keeps on flying!
Sparks Are Flying; New Firmware Upgrade
As shipments of the new Spark drone land in homes and retail outlets globally, manufacturer DJI has made some firmware tweaks to further optimize ...
Flying a little higher: Drone use in ag grows
Piloted by Otto Ag Fertilizer employee Cameron Jenson, a DJI Phantom 4 lands in a cornfield just outside of Crystal, N.D. on Wednesday, June 7, ...
DJI lets your hands do the flying with Spark
The maker of the Phantom drone is about to make drone flying a little more intuitive. Forget the remote, because DJI's Spark moves based on what ...
Flying a DJI Spark by waving your hand isn't as great as it sounds
DJI's Spark is the company's first attempt at a true drone for everyone. DJI has made no secret about the fact it thinks non-RC enthusiasts want a ...
DJI requires drone users to register their machines before flying
The company just issued a software update that will require every DJI drone owner, whether they are existing customers or new, to register and/or sign ...

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