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Thinking of taking flight assessment for 7-20kg class, anyone flying that class?
At some point I'll be looking at investing in a larger UAV, with the capability of carrying a larger payload (DSLR, higher capacity batteries etc.). I know I'll have to take another flight assessment for the 7-20kg class which doesn't worry me too much. I done well on my 0-7kg class assessment so I'm hoping for the same with a heavier bird.I've got a couple of questions though, hoping someone can answer? How do the big birds handle? I've heard people say the larger UAV's are more stable,...Thinking of taking flight assessment for 7-20kg class, anyone flying
Flying in Iceland
Does anybody have experience flying in Iceland?I'm heading there in March with the Inspire in the hopes of making a filming tour around the island.It's getting quite northern up there, right on the edge of the arctic circle. I'm very excited to be flying there. I have spoken to ICETRA and have spoken to the national parks and am awaiting to see whether they are going to grant me permission on their land....But I'm worried about GPS and Compass errors whilst there. The entire island is...Flying in Iceland
Flying two DJI platforms at once - any issues?
I want to send my Inspire 1 up and then let hover while I fly around it with my pro 3 and video it. With two remotes operating will this cause any problems? Plan to stay several feet away while I video it. Is this possible?
Flying this drone totally felt like breaking the law
As I stare up at the faint spec that is my drone, I'm pretty sure I'm breaking the law. At least I'm not alone. On a brisk February afternoon, DJI and ...
New Droner - Southern CA
First post on the forum although I've followed it for the last couple months...Got a Mavic back in late October (my first real drone). Have really enjoyed it and really found myself quite immersed in all of this new drone technology. At the beginning of the month I picked up an Inspire 2 (w/ X5S) and now have already been doing a few different jobs for friends and connections of mine who need aerials. These are just for friends and I am not charging as they're really just I'm...New Droner - Southern CA
Flying in the US - Commercially
Hi,Apologies a similar question has been posted elsewhere, I've been asked to do some photogrammetry on a reference trip in the US, most of the locations are costal and some are in National Parks which I'm guessing have their very own complications.If anyone has any experience of doing this or can offer any other guidance, I would like to know:As a British insured UAV pilot, what steps do I need to take to get permission to work within the US, even if it's for 9-10 days...Flying in the US - Commercially
Inspire 2 - red propellers got loose after 4h flying
Right, never ending questions. Inspire 2.I noticed today that on red propellers there is slight loose ( I'm able to move them a tad up and down when grab by one end ), is it normal ? Been flying maybe 4h together my bird... when I put second set (spare one) there is no loose at all - advice please ?Sent from my iPhone using InspirePilots

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