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Obsession with flying machines
Some of DJI's latest drones are popular with movie-makers as they can mount professional cameras, slashing shooting costs by eliminating the use of ...
Senators wrestle with drones flying near airports
DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, pointed out that it has incorporated a built-in technology known as “geofencing” into its products that can program ...
Inspire 2 Battery Purchase - In Store Or In Stock - Orange County,CA
I was just wondering if anyone on here has knowledge who has the Inspire 2 batteries in stock as of today March 15, 2017 = I called 3 places and no one has it and I checked out DJI's website they are also in backorder.I hope anyone on here as some source.Thank you!
Drones flying into headlines vs. eagles, under oil rigs, helping police
Drones flying into headlines vs. eagles, under oil rigs, helping police ... Chinese drone company DJI has produced a drone it says folds up small ...
Top 6 Best Pro- Level Flying Camera Drones
DJI Phantom Pro 4, it is most recommended for serious pilot. Phantom Pro 4 is the latest and greatest drone ever. It comes with a new 20-megapixel ...
10 best drones for video, photography and the thrill of flying
Right now, if we had to pick a brand that stands above the rest, it's DJI. And if we were to name the best drone you can buy, it'd be the DJI Mavic .
Flying over 3000 mosl
Hi guys my name is Renan and I live in Quito - Ecuador over the Andes 2780 m over sea level. I've flew at 3200 mosl with no issues, does DJI allow to fly up to 4500 ? am I right? any experience at this height? I have to map a forest at 3700 and don't want to crash mu bird Any advice please thanks a lot
Anyone flying a Yuneec Tornado?
So has anyone else got any Yuneec products?I must admit that im getting sick of the DJi philosophy of take the eyes out of everyone and offer no support. Our chroma drone was 300 quid and with a gopro matches most phantoms plus it has a 27 min flight time so it has tempted me to switch i must say.Coming from R/C i dont need the whole super duper easy to use app and im seeing no benefits beyond it so far.Does anyone have any experience with the better yuneec stuff then? I remember been...Anyone flying a Yuneec Tornado?

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