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A Phone-less Drone Flight with DJI's Smart Controller
Tired of hooking up your smartphone to your DJI drone's controller during a flight session? Especially if you require your phone for other things as you ...
DJI Smart Controller Brings Phone-Free Flight to Mavic 2 Drones
LAS VEGAS—We absolutely loved DJI's latest small drone, the Mavic 2 Pro. The small, folding device earned Editors' Choice marks and a five-star ...
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual test flight with Romeo Durscher [video]
Last week, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual was launched without much fanfare. No show. No special event. Just a simple press release for a drone ...
DJI Mavic Air (Arctic White) Coupon 2018 | High End Flight Performance
If you've always wanted to try and see what's so appealing about a drone, you aren't too far from a result to your desires. In fact, toys like these, such ...
Phantom 3 Flight Battery Coupon 2018 | Fly Your Phontom 3 Series With The Powerful Battery
And DJI didn't make any compromises here, using a LiPo 4S type of batter ... In addition, the voltage of Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery is 15.2V, ...
Florida Tech drone training takes flight for Brevard County firefighters, lifeguards
MELBOURNE — Blades busily whirring, the red DJI Spark drone settled down for a soft midfield landing at the 50-yard-line of the Florida Institute of ...
Vermeer Beta iPhone App Lets You Use Augmented Reality to Map Out Your Drone Flight
Augmented reality and drones already go together like turkey and stuffing, but a new iOS app adds some spice to the combination with a new kind of ...

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