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FAA process 50000+ LAANC applications for UAVs
Since the program began with a prototype system in November 2017, LAANC has processed more than 50,000 applications from drone operators for ...
FAA Processes More than 50000 LAANC Drone Applications
The FAA has processed more than 50,000 applications under the LAANC (low-altitude authorization and notification capability) from drone operators ...
DJI Airworks: How the FAA Reauthorization will impact your drone business
The Commercial UAV Policy Panel (The new drone policy era ahead – How FAA Reauthorization will impact your business) was one of the most ...
Fine Print Lets Drone Makers Swallow Up Sensitive Data: FAA, DHS
Some of the manufacturers' terms of service give them access to video and data collected by drones, posing a privacy and security risk for users that ...
New Power Pack For Rugo™ Drone Light Meets FAA Night UAV Requirements
This new Power Pack is most useful for drone (UAV or sUAS) night operations as it fulfills the FAA FAR 107.29 requirements for dusk, dawn, and night ...

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