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FAA no longer allows hobby drone pilots to fly in controlled airspace
The FAA dealt a serious blow to hobby drone pilots when they released these ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, ...
FAA to Award First Drone Airline License
The most significant players in the space are Chinese companies DJI and Yuneec. While DJI has made it a habit of bringing the latest in drones at the ...
UAS Industry Responds to Proposed FAA Rules
DJI focuses on the NPRM's creation of a Category 1 for drones weighing under .55 lbs., which could be flown over people “without any special ...
Today is your last chance to comment on proposed FAA rule changes for professional drone ...
UAS giant DJI is urging additional comments as the FAA has received fewer ... “Given how vital these rules are for every professional drone pilot in ...
FAA investigating drone over Red Sox game
In a statement made on Friday, the manufacturer said the drone looked like a DJI Phantom. The US unit of DJI said: “We are trying to learn more about ...
Did you fly a drone over Fenway Park? The FAA would like a chat
The illegal flight took place last night during a Red Sox-Blue Jays game at Fenway; the drone, a conspicuously white DJI Phantom, reportedly first ...
FAA investigating illegal drone flight over Fenway Park
There are many positive use cases for drones, but what you're about to read is not one of them. A DJI Phantom drone was illegally flying over Fenway ...

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