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Eye in the sky: police show new drone to city council
The drone is a DJI Matrice 210, a heavy-duty drone designed with sophisticated public safety and engineering uses in mind. Between the drone, the batteries and controllers, and four different camera options, the city has spent almost $40,000 to get the project up and running, money Hunt said came ...
Samsung Patents Flying Display Drones Controlled By Eye Movements
The DJI drone manufacturer has seen some success within the drone market and is known for its compact and powerful units. It has made some groundbreaking work but has never before attempted constructing a drone without a controller. The flying display from Samsung does not have one and could ...
Eye in sky: Texas Parks and Wildlife bases new drone in Temple
This Jan. 25, 2018, photo provided by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, shows game warden pilot Brandon Rose deploying a camera-equipped drone near Austin that was donated to the department for use by Texas game wardens. It is the first Parks & Wildlife drone dedicated to search and ...
Amazing birds eye view of snowbound Sutton Coldfield captured by a drone
Amazing birds eye view of snowbound Sutton Coldfield captured by a drone ... Drone footage shows snowy Boldmere in Sutton Coldfield at 400m! ... Rob Holloway filmed from a frozen Frederick Road in Boldmere and piloted his DJI Mavic Pro drone to 400 metres above the Royal Town where the drone ...
Bird's eye view of Potters Bar in the snow
A bird's eye view of Potters Bar in the snow on Sunday, December 10, taken from a drone. Picture: Darren Lee Media at Former Dame Alice Owen's School pupil Darren, of Shillitoe Avenue, braved yesterday's Arctic weather conditions to fly his drone. He has been running his ...
Sarpy 1 drone to be eye in the sky
Barrett said the drone will not fly over private property without permission and will not operate in areas where there exists an expectation of privacy. It will fly no higher than 400 feet and must be within a line of sight at all times. It must stay at least five miles distant from airports unless other arrangements ...
Every DJI Phantom 4 Drone Cyber Monday Deal of 2017, Published by Eye See 360
Eye See 360 have tracked prices across a number of retailers to find the most popular DJI Phantom 4 Cyber Monday deals of 2017. The best deals ...
Every DJI Phantom 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal of 2017, Published by Eye See 360
The team of online deal analysts at Eye See 360 have published a review of the best DJI Phantom 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available ...

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