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Why drone giant DJI needs partners for enterprise sales
While businesses have the resources and personnel capable, drone technology is relatively new and innovation happens constantly. DJI partners are ...
DJI Announces the M200, a Drone Series Built For Enterprise Solutions
Rumors about DJI making a big splash at Mobile World Congress had been swirling the past few weeks, and with the announcement of the M200 ...
DJI M200 Enterprise drones can inspect wind turbines
DJI are kicking ass in the consumer, commerical and now have a drone for enterprise and industrial solutions. The new Matrice 200 drone series ...
DJI's M200 Series drone is tough enough for enterprise applications
DJI is known for drones for aerial photography and filmmaking, but the company's latest offering is a series of rugged drones built for commercial ...
Matrice 200 is a new enterprise drone from DJI
Unmanned aerial technology firm DJI announced a new drone this Sunday, and this one is built for professionals to perform aerial inspections and ...
DJI introduces Matrice 200 drones for enterprise customers
DJI, one of the leading unmanned aerial vehicle companies in the world introduced its Matrice 200 drones, aimed at enterprise customers to perform ...
DJI Introduces M200 Series Drones Built For Enterprise Solutions
26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, Sunday unveiled the new Matrice 200 drone series (M200), which is ...

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