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DJI announces Iron Man edition of Tello drone
The new Tello Hero App offers an immersive experience when flying Tello Iron Man Edition. Learn the fundamental skills of flying through training ...
DJI Tello Iron Man Edition
This little bugger is a mini drone sporting the same specs as the regular DJI Tello drone, but it comes with a flashier Iron Man shell based on his ...
DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Video Drone
Fans of Tony Stark will love this incredible DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Video Drone, partly because of all the cool Iron Man design elements and also ...
RYZE Tech, Marvel & Disney Launch Tello Iron Man Edition
DJI's local partner Ryze Tech has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of drones that are ideal for beginners and well-suited to` educational ...
DJI Tello Iron Man Edition drone promises Avengers aerial gameplay
Specifically, the Tello drone was made using technology from both Intel and DJI. Today, Tello announced something of a follow up to that first drone, ...
DJI, I mean Ryze introduces the Tello Iron Man Edition
This morning, we got an email from DJI that they are, I mean Ryze is launching the Tello Iron Man Edition. The entry-level drone, that can do ...
Fly Like a Hero With The Brand New Tello Iron Man Edition
Drone start-up RYZE Tech has collaborated with Marvel and Disney to ... Tello Iron Man Edition is now available at and authorized ...

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