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DJI Spark Attacked in the Sky
We have heard stories of drones being shot down from the sky before, but have you heard of them being attacked midflight? That's exactly what ...
Professional Drone Pilot in NY area
I have experience operating drones for 4 years.I hold part 107 FAA license and can operate commercially for your production.We provide services around NY area including NJ, CT, PA, Long Island. Also we can travel around the globe.Here is my latest shoot for BBC Travel project A tempestuous isle of 1,000 shipwrecksAnd just a drone footage from the shoot (Inspire 2)...Professional Drone Pilot in NY area
DJI Spark firmware update adds new flight features as first shipments go out
DJI has added new flight features to the DJI Spark via a firmware update, while first shipments of the company's new mini drone reached customers ...
How New Drone Rules Will Keep China's Airports Safe
DJI, the drone-manufacturing powerhouse that controls over half the Chinese market, has published a series of posts on its website outlining its ...
Man to appear in court over alleged drone offences
The investigation centred around several flights alleged to have been made by a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone around south Warwickshire between ...
Drone pilot faces court charges
The 37 year old male has been investigated over use of a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone flying over South Warwickshire between December 2016 ...
GoPro Karma review: Great camera, so-so drone
And now the DJI Spark is with us, offering serious features in a drone ... But the Karma is so much more than just a drone with a camera attached.
CopterSafe: Here's How to Hack Your DJI Drone
A Russian hacking company called CopterSafe is now offering hacked upgrades for your DJI drone. Geofencing and No-Fly Zones help keep drones ...

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