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Want To Learn About Industrial Drones? Here's Your Chance!
If you're a regular TDC reader, you'll know that DJI released a new series of industrial, or “enterprise” drones, earlier this year. The new Matrice 200 ...
DJI Reports Enhanced Data Privacy for its Drones
We posted last week about the U.S. Army issuing a memorandum banning the use of DJI drones due to security concerns, but now, this week DJI ...
DJI Summer Sale: Offers on Drones and Accessories
DJI has launched a summer sale with discounts and free accessories across its consumer product line. DJI hasn't launched a new product in the 3 ...
DJI's Newest Is a Small Step for Drones, But a Giant Leap for Dronekind
They could argue that the original DJI Phantom, circa 2013, was the one that started it all, or that the Parrot AR.Drone ($180), being more accessible, ...
DJI Announces AirWorks 2017 to Help Enterprises Put Drones to Work in Skies Around the World
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, opened registration on Thursday for its AirWorks enterprise drone conference ...
Drones to get 'stealth' mode because of cyber-vulnerabilities
DJI, the world's largest drone maker, is developing a "stealth" mode for its drones so they can fly without transmitting data over the Internet. The news ...
Here is why China exports 1000 drones a day and India does not even produce 1000 a year
The largest company in this field, DJI is the world leader in consumer drones. This market domination by the Chinese has happened because it's ...
#TheBuzz: DJI Drones In The Eye Of The Storm
But a team of atmospheric researchers at Colorado State University packs up a bunch of specially equipped DJI Matrice drones into vans and drives ...

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