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Looking into drones as a commercial venture
Hi,Just signed up to get some info and become part of this community.I'm a licensed pilot in Northern California, and thought I'd explore the commercial side of drone ops as a side gig.I've done a bunch of searches and research and it looks like I need to get a "remote pilot airman certificate". I believe that can be an add-on to my FAA license, which looks like its just filling out some forms on the FAA website and having a CFI sign-off. Am I missing anything there?Job wise, how...Looking into drones as a commercial venture
United States Agricultural Drones Market 2017 – DJI, Yamaha, 3DR, Parrot
The Agricultural Drones market research report distils the most essential aspects of the market and presents them in the form of a comprehensive and ...
New and Fangled Anti Crash Designs for Drones.
Safety is a number one concern when it comes to designing a crash-proof design for drones. There is the Gimball,the airbag and the parachute. Crazy designs for which practicality just goes right out the window. Where did it all come from? Was the Mars landing helpful in any capacity? How about any automotive? For me, the pilot is always the best anti-crash device. However, I tend to be old fashion that way. Incidentally, who provided the patent for the drone airbag?...New and Fangled Anti Crash Designs for Drones.
Drones for school children
The school worked with drone provider DJI and James Hannam, owner of digital MakerLabs, who teaches students and staff how to make better use of ...
Drones save 59 lives in 5 yrs: report
SEOUL, March 20 (Yonhap) -- Chinese drone manufacturer DJI said Monday that civilian drones have rescued at least 59 people in various incidents ...
ICYMI: Report documents drones saving lives
One of the stories cited was first fully reported here, by TDC. In that case, a DJI Matrice drone equipped with a FLIR-powered thermal camera was able ...

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