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DroneBase Creates Augmented Reality Platform for Commercial, Hobbyist Uses
DroneBase, a Los Angeles-headquartered drone platform backed by DJI, has launched AirCraft, an augmented reality (AR) platform for commercial ...
Anyone using Dronebase?
Hi all. Can anyone offer any feedback on the Dronebase concept and any experience of dealing with them? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using InspirePilots
DJI <> DroneBase Holiday Video
Hey guys,Figured I'd share this since DJI invested in us 2x. We had over 20 DroneBase pilots from around the world (primarily in US) film properties and locations that were in holiday decorations. Pilots had to use the Inspire w/ X5 camera or the P4. They were given a specific shot list from us. It was really cool and I know that some of the pilots on this forum were part of it. Enjoy: Happy holidays and fly safe.- Nick
DroneBase raises from Union Square to pay any pilot for aerial footage
“All the jobs we've done, we've done every single one on a DJI drone” Burton says. “It removes hardware as a variable.” For example, DroneBase did ...
DJI + DroneBase
Posted this in the PhantomPilots group as well.Pretty proud of this and since all of you enjoy DJI products, I figured I'd post on how DJI has just re-invested in us at DroneBase along with Union Square Ventures, Accel and Upfront. 99% of the jobs that have gone through our platform have been flown by Inspires and Phantoms and a number of qualified pilots in these forums have helped us get to this point. So thank you for all of your help....DJI + DroneBase
DroneBase + Keller Williams Real Estate Partnership
Since DJI invested in us last year, thought I'd share some of the cool news. We've (DroneBase) partnered with Keller Williams Real Estate and just announced today.Keller Williams announces Zillow, DroneBase partnerships | Inman
Dronebase, Skycatch, etc. - anyone willing to share their experience?
I'm interested in the array of drone pilot dispatching services and whether anyone has any experience working for them as a pilot. My initial impression is that they offer a coherent product to the customer at a low price, but they push the 333, COA, insurance, etc out to the pilot - who is essentially a subcontractor. Running a business, paying insurance, having a Pilot license, having a UAS, a 333 and COA is a lot of work to give away 10-20% net revenue on these jobs... Not to mention...Dronebase, Skycatch, etc. - anyone willing to share their experience?

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