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AM Roundup: Corporations Skirt Drone Rules
Drone rules skirted: While many U.S. small businesses have held off using drones while the FAA decides on its rules, some of the world's biggest ...
TDC SCORED: Rick Smith ranks the DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Portability (3/4) – While it's the same size as the previous Phantom 4, we were hoping DJI might have made some changes that allow the quad to pack ...
Is there anyone else wondering when DJI will release spare parts for inspire1. I'm grounded until I get part 30 after an untimely argument with a tree at albert park while filming the set up for the F1GP. Absolutely spewing as I missed the last two weeks due to lack of replacement part. Two months of footage down the drain.
Zenmuse X5 gimbal lock??
I read in an article and saw in one video somewhere that there is supposed to be a plastic gimbal lock for the new Zenmuse X5. The article said it was included with the Inspire 1 Pro model. I purchased the upgrade camera for my original Inspire 1 and can't find anything on the DJI website or the internet about this part. Does anyone know where I can get on?Thanks for your help!
Geek Deals: Get a $200 Gift Card with the DJI Mavic Pro Drone
Are you itching to jump head-first into the world of quad-copters and aerial photography? Now's the time to buy! Today, Dell is offering up a whopping ...
DJI drone 'most powerful ever produced'
NAB 2016: DJI has launched its most powerful ever UAV, a six-rotor drone ... It has a maximum payload of 6kg, making it suitable for DJI's Zenmuse ...

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