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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review: How This 4K Drone Differ From Other DJI Drones
DJI released the Phantom 4 Pro a few months ago and it is among the new collection of DJI drones that hit the market. It came in together with the ...
New All-Weather Drone Can Take On Freezing Temperatures
A new drone was made to brave the elements. The Matrice 200 industrial drone by DJI is made to inspect power lines and help with search and ...
DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Price, Specs Review: Drone Promises Better and Higher Quality Images
The Chinese-manufactured DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ is recently being recognized by many technology enthusiasts for its innovative enhancements in the ...
Drone Market Applications
We're researching each drone application market and need your help for real world situations. We have 7 questions pertaining to the industry that you receive most of your work(jobs) in. The survey takes less than 20 seconds to complete and will greatly assist in better understanding each application for drones. For you participating in the super quick survey, we are giving away 10 Amazon Gift cards for $50 chosen at random. Please help out and contribute real world information to the...Drone Market Applications
Calling all drone pilots: Be heard
The Drone Manufacturers Alliance, which represents the interests of Parrot, DJI, GoPro and 3DR. The Alliance actively promotes the FAA's excellent ...
DJI's Official Power Line Drone Doesn't Come With a Flamethrower
To be fair, DJI hasn't officially sponsored the flame-throwing drone (which appears to be a modified DJI S1000+) yet, but it did release a cool video ...
BC government launches SAR drone pilot project
In late February, the team's contractor, Hummingbird Drones, deployed an infrared (IR) camera-equipped DJI drone, and found seven missing skiers ...

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