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DJI's Official Power Line Drone Doesn't Come With a Flamethrower
To be fair, DJI hasn't officially sponsored the flame-throwing drone (which appears to be a modified DJI S1000+) yet, but it did release a cool video ...
There's a new way to take down drones, and it doesn't involve shotguns
The advent of inexpensive consumer drones has generated a novel predicament for firefighters, law-enforcement officers, and ordinary citizens who ...
GoPro's Karma Vs. DJI's Mavic: It Doesn't Even Matter Now
DJI's Mavic is going to be over a month delayed allowing GoPro's Karma to not have any competition if it sticks to its schedule. Forget comparing the ...
This Rival To GoPro's Karma Doesn't Require FAA Registration
Unlike DJI's flagship Phantom drones, the Karma could be folded and easily carried in a backpack. But shortly afterwards, DJI unveiled the Mavic Pro, ...
3 Reasons DJI's Mavic Pro Drone Doesn't Spell Doom for GoPro Karma
But thanks to a new competing drone from Chinese market leader DJI, many naysayers are already calling GoPro's newest product a failure.

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