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Approved Drone Pilots commends DJI's 'call for caution' statement
Approved Drone Pilots (ADP), a representative body of the largest number of professional drone pilots in the UK, has welcomed DJI's signal for ...
DJI's pricy drone remote will only work with 2 drones - so far
DJI is doing away with tablets and smartphones in their newest drone series and putting the focus back on the remote controller. The DJI Smart ...
This is DJI's Android-powered Smart Controller with built-in display for the Mavic 2
Flying DJI drones are a whole lot of fun but setting up the controller before you take off is always a pain in the you-know-where. If you've flown a DJI ...
DJI's latest drones get dedicated Smart Controller accessory
One of the quirks of DJI's superb consumer drones is that they require a smartphone or tablet to function as both a live-feed screen and a control ...
Take to the skies with DJI's Mavic Pro quadcopter for just $649 today
The newest DJI Mavic 2 Pro quadcopter is out these days, but it is nearly twice the price on Amazon. The DJI Mavic Pro original is still a great drone, ...
A Phone-less Drone Flight with DJI's Smart Controller
Tired of hooking up your smartphone to your DJI drone's controller during a flight session? Especially if you require your phone for other things as you ...
DJI's smart new drone controller sports a built-in, HD, ultra-bright screen
DJI's controllers normally need you to slide your phone or tablet in to see a drone's-eye view, but that can be a drain on your battery, fiddly to set up ...
We review DJI's new Smart Controller!
It is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen and removes the need for you to use your smartphone with your drone. The controller will initially only work with ...

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