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DJI event announcement sparks rumours of a new pocket-sized drone
DJI has announced an event in New York next month which is expected to unveil a new pocket-sized drone called Spark which has been the subject ...
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Still One Solid Drone To Have
DJI Phantom 4 Pro is still considered as one of the best drones at present times. With the release of many other drones, many have attempted to come ...
DJI and Hasselblad introduce 100MP aerial photograph platform
For the uninitiated, the Matrice 600 Pro is DJI's flagship drone platform. With dust-proof, actively cooled motors — all six of them — the capacity to carry ...
DJI adds much of Iraq and Syria to its list of no-fly zones for its drones
Drone maker DJI has updated their software to turn huge expanses of Syria and Iraq into no-fly zones. DJI usually prevents users from navigating their ...
DJI could be about to unveil its smallest drone yet
With the emphasis on size, you might be tempted to believe DJI is preparing to unveil a drone of humongous proportions, a massive beast the size of a ...
Drone maker DJI offers up to $145000 bounty for information on Chinese illegal flights.
If you can identify who flew and disrupted flights at Chengdu airport in April 2017, DJI might give you $145,000. Funnily enough, this press release ...
Ultra compact DJI Spark camera drone reportedly coming out next month
#Dji continues to be the leading manufacturer and the most trusted brand when it comes to commercial camera drones and quadcopters.
DJI Tee Up New York Event To Reveal Next Drone
DJI have officially set a date for the official unveiling of their next major addition to their drone line-up, believed to be branded the DJI Spark.

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