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We go behind the scenes with DJI to film the World Rally Championship
Thankfully DJI came up with the perfect solution. I was one of a few select journalists the drone giant flew out to Portugal for a hands-on demonstration ...
Commercial Drones Market: Numerous Industries to be Transformed by Unmanned Flight
The research study is titled “Commercial Drones: Numerous industries to be ... DJI dominance will be hard to overcome due to build-up of consumer ...
Stunning drone pictures show Leicester as you've never seen it before
The 'brothers' started to fly drones about a year ago with the DJI Phantom which they say is "absolutely amazing". However, as Pascal lives abroad ...
Autel's Portable Drone Evo – Will it Prove to be a Competitor to DJI Drones?
The Evo drone was expected to give tough competition to the DJI Mavic Pro. While many experts were of the opinion that Evo is not the best in any ...
Foster + Partners Unveils Futuristic Design for New DJI HQ in China
Drone-fighting rings and a sky bridge turned drone-launching platform seem like something out of dystopian fiction, but soon, Foster + Partners' latest ...
New Video GeoTagger Software GeoTags Drone Footage
The tool also includes flight log support for DJI drones. This includes the ability to decrypt and geotag using the DJI flight record data log, as well as ...

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