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Drones equipped with AI are putting a stop to illegal fishing in Africa
Across the waters of Africa, drones are being used to hunt down illegal fisherman, a group that costs Africa over $1 billion and hurts wildlife ...
Take selfies from the sky with the DJI Spark: Just $250
Wait a sec... a refurbished drone? That means "crashed and rebuilt with Crazy Glue," right? Not in this case: DJI's refurbs are pretty much good as new, ...
Forty Eight hours as a drone data analyst in a major wildfire in California
In both this fire and the Tubb's fire in Santa Rosa last October, my role has been to coordinate drone data capture and mapping products to the right ...
Global UAV Drones Market Analysis 2018: Northrop Grumman, Parrot, General Atomics ...
The report highlights vital UAV Drones market dynamics of the sector. Numerous definitions and terms of those industry advancements of this business ...
CSPD ready to launch fleet of drones
One of the biggest challenges facing departments in establishing drone programs is having enough drones and enough officers trained to fly in order ...
DJI Phantom 5 "Rumored" To Debut This August 23 Alongside Other Drones
One of the highly anticipated tech gadgets this year are the DJI drones. In fact, with DJI's upcoming “See the Bigger Picture” event, one of the drones ...

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