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SK Telecom signs deal with drone company DJI to boost data revenue
SK Telecom's T live caster and DJI's drones will expand the uses for drones across industries including agriculture, logistics, exploration, public safety ...
How to Extract Forensic Data from Drones
Beyond just entertainment, drones are being billed as the next big thing in last-mile deliveries. However, beyond these modern positive uses to both ...
Boeing HorizonX invests in Agylstor to boost rugged data storage systems
Agylstor says its ruggedized computational storage systems are well-suited for aerospace applications, including autonomous drones. (DJI Photo).
GeoWrap: ESA and Vatican work to preserve heritage data; FAA begins Drone Airspace ...
US: DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership to bring advanced ...
DroneRise – DJI's data investigation and Iceland
Good morning! Here's yesterday's news with an article about the Kivu report that looked into where exactly your information goes when you start up your drone and DJI Go 4 app. Furthermore, we have a drone video showing off the beauty and rawness of Iceland. Enjoy!
Kivu's report on DJI's UAV Data Transmission and Storage practices – Does any information go to ...
Last Monday, we wrote about the Kivu report's findings. Today we are taking a closer look as DJI has sent us a copy of the full report. Because of competitive reasons the Chinese drone maker has requested us not to post the entire report online or share any of the images. However, we are free to share ...

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