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Gamevice's iPhone Gaming Controller Gets Price Drop and Integration With Sphero Droids
"Gamevice not only makes gaming on smartphones better, but it adds precision control to app controlled gadgets such as Sphero's app-enabled droids and DJI's Spark Drone, with more on the way." The Gamevice works with more than 1,000 iOS games, including several games optimized for iPhone X ...
Gamevice turns phone into mobile game and now drone and robot controller
Gamevice allows you not only to control over 1000 games and with a recent announcement it can now fully pilot your DJI Drone and Sphero Robot, too. Designed as an entertainment hub and engineered to enhance gaming on a mobile device, Gamevice, weighs in at less than one pound. It attaches to ...
You can now control the DJI Spark with Gamevice's controller accessory
This is actually great news for Spark owners, since the diminutive drone has a lot going for it, including relative affordability, and decent picture quality. But the one thing it's lacking that the rest of the DJI lineup boasts is a solid physical controller experience included in the box – the Gamevice provides ...
DJI Spark Remote Controller review
The Spark is DJI's smallest drone yet, but it doesn't come with a controller unless ... As with any drone that you can control from an app, there are two ...
Gamevice MFi controller for iPhone now supports DJI Spark drone, Sphero SPRK+ robot
Using the Gamevice controller with an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to directly manage the flight of the DJI Spark camera drone, via DJI's official app.
Gamevice's iOS Gaming Controller Now Supports Sphero SPRK+ and DJI Spark
When the Gamevice for iPhone or iPad is used with the DJI Spark app, the Spark drone can be controlled using the physical buttons of the Gamevice, ...
How to fly the DJI Spark using its remote controller
There are a number of ways one can fly the DJI Spark. The beginner-level drone can most famously be controlled via hand movements using its ...
X-naut Announces New Drone Controller Bracket Compatible With DJI Phantom and Inspire ...
LONG BEACH, Calif., July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- X-naut, developer of the "first to market" iPad overheating solution available- the Active Cooling ...

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