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Inspire 1 Slave Controller video loss and interference
I know there have been several threads about this already and I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse but most of those I've seen were almost two years old. The master controller has almost perfect video the entire time even while the slave is either seeing a green screen, frozen video, half screen video, and loss of gimbal control. I read several posts that said it was a firmware issue in the past and should be corrected but I'm not seeing a great deal of resulution to this seemingly...Inspire 1 Slave Controller video loss and interference
Dual Master Controller Hoping
Here's a bit of a left-field question (on the assumption that from memory two controllers can be paired/bound to a single aircraft but not literally connected to the aircraft at the same time):Can you hop between two independently located remotes to regain control of an aircraft when one loses connection?In the event of trying to fly distances beyond which a single remote will function and remain in control over the aircraft (not necessarily BLOS but restricted by terrain/environmental...Dual Master Controller Hoping
Remote Controller Dial Locked...
Since the update to firmware .240 I've started getting an intermittent error message popping up that say something along the lines of "Warning: Remote Controller Right Dial Locked. Lightly press it to adjust". Pressing the dial dismisses the warning, but it's reappears several times in a row, then eventually seems to get bored and stays dismissed. Anyone else experienced this one yet?BTW, I'm not worried, I haven't had a problem with the dial as far as I'm concerned and I'm not sending...Remote Controller Dial Locked...
Buzzing Remote Controller
Anyone else having this problem? Doesn't seem to affect operations, but it's damn annoying. IMG_3337web-iPhone by skybandit posted Mar 6, 2017 at 3:54 PM
I2 Remote Controller refuses update to latest firmware
I got 2 RC's with my I2 and one of them refuses to update to the latest firmware .... The download went well but when updating it stays at 0% and refuses to go on.After 2 minutes i get the message update failed ... report or retry ... retry won't work.I tried to update with iPad mini , iPhone , Samsung tab ... no go .....Anyone same problem ?RC works fine by the way but no update to latest version of fw.
Main Controller Data Error
Well... updated to the newest firmware and today I am getting MAin Controller Data error. Reflashing the firmware for the 3rd time to see if that fixes it. Main Gimbal also makes the craziest noise now when initializing. Any advice? I am afraid this is going to have to be returned to DJI... Great. Another shipping nightmare.
Inspire 2 Controller
Obliterated an Inspire 2/x5s...literally shredded it- left it for dead as it froze solid in a river for 4 days, then miraculously retrieved the thawed covered it. I already had two controllers, now with the new inspire I received I have an extra controller. Bonus is that I don't use the provided inspire case, so I can send the new controller in the box with the foam inserts so that it sits in the provided case firmly.Why wait 21+ days to get yours from DJI...I am...Inspire 2 Controller
Adding a second controller
I have an Inspire 1 V2 with a single controller. I'm thinking about adding the second controller to make some jobs easier. How hard is it going to be to set up a second controller? Will it bind without interfering with the existing setup?Will I still be able to fly as a single pilot for shoots that don't require the second controller?Is the conversion worth the effort?

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