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DJI releases SDK for Smart Controller. Expect a Litchi update soon!
The DJI Smart Controller is crucial for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom, and Enterprise as well as other future drones that the company will be releasing.
DJI raises price of Smart Controller to $749
We previously wrote about how the Smart Controller plays a crucial role in the future of DJI drones such as the DJI Mavic 2 series. Now, it seems that ...
DJI Rumors: DJI Smart Controller crucial to success of the Mavic 2 – Part 4
This part 4 and also the last piece in the special series of DJI Rumors that cover the company's Phantom 4, Phantom 5 and Mavic 2 drone series for ...
DJI Smart Controller compatible with more drones
A new firmware update has been issued for the DJI Smart Controller, making it compatible with a greater range of drones and adding extra features to ...
New DJI Smart Controller firmware – v01.00.0530
Today, DJI released a new DJI Smart Controller firmware update. ... However, the most interesting new feature for most commercial drone pilots is the ...
Cameras and drones team up for oil refinery pipe inspection
Image data can also be streamed to the operator at a lower resolution since the Elios drone integrates a Lightbridge 2 wireless controller from DJI ...
Robots, drones and sensors are changing the way we farm
Using the DJI drone, the farmer maps out the field by walking through it and the unit's controller creates a flight path, almost like a flying Roomba.

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