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DroneDeploy: Construction firms can hail drones to monitor project progress from the sky
A San Francisco-based drone network developer has launched a new solution for construction companies which allows them to hire drones to take aerial photos and 3D maps of project sites. DroneDeploy, home to the largest drone data network in the world, launched its construction solution, part of ...
Apple Cracks Down on Drones Filming Construction of Apple Park
A 26-year-old assignment editor for KTVU, Sinfield told KQED Arts that he began filming the Apple Park construction project as practice for his drone, a DJI Inspire 2. Sinfield lives in nearby Redwood City and said that, from a filmmaking perspective, there's nothing like the Apple Park project anywhere ...
UAVs map construction sites, protect NASCAR, even pollinate trees
Explore1 is actually a modified Matrice 100 DJI drone with special additions. A Skycatch onboard computer links GPS real-time kinematic (RTK) high-precision positioning with a gimbal-mounted 20-megapixel high-resolution camera and the flight computer, resulting in centimeter-level geocoded data.
Komatsu to use DJI drones to help automate construction industry
In a story that sounds like something out of an Iron Man movie, DJI has announced one of their largest commercial orders ever, delivering 1,000 new high-precision versions of their popular drones to Komatsu, a company specializing in construction and mining equipment covering everything you see at ...
Drone Leader DJI Is Manufacturing 1000 Industrial Drones for a Construction Company
Major drone builder DJI is branching beyond their famous consumer products and into the commercial space. They're custom-building 1,000 units based on the popular autonomous quadcopter the Matrice 100 and combining it with machine vision software from US startup Skycatch. All 1,000 units have ...
Customised drones will be use to map construction sites in a money saving move
“3D data is immediately generated and an entire construction site can be visually checked with the 3D map. The Explore1 is a true game-changer for the construction site.” The Explore1 drone is built on DJI's customisable Matrice 100 enterprise drone platform. It is used in tandem with Skycatch's Edge 1 ...
DJI To Supply 1000 Custom Drones For A Construction Company
DJI is a company that most people know as a drone maker, but it seems that the company is broadening their customer base and getting more into commercial projects. The company has recently announced that they have entered into a partnership with Japanese construction company Komatsu Smart ...
DJI, Skycatch Making 1000 Custom Drones for Construction Company
DJI has extended its partnership with San Francisco-based Skycatch to manufacture and deliver a fleet of 1,000 high-precision drones for Komatsu construction sites worldwide. This represents the largest commercial drone order in history, DJI and Skycatch claim. Each drone is manufactured by DJI and ...

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