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CES: Smart control, with display, comes to DJI drones
DJI, world leader in civilian drones, aims to make aerial imagery technology even more accessible with a powerful new remote controller for its drones, ...
DJI Smart Remote Controller revealed at CES 2019
One of the most interesting things we've seen at the CES this year is a new drone controller from DJI. We trust this brand when it comes to mobile ...
DJI Mavic pro 2 smart screen-mounted remote controller launched at CES 2019
According to the media reports, this new drone remote controller packed with a 5.5-inch full HD resolution display. DJI or Dajiang's new screen remote ...
DJI Announces A $650 Smart Controller At CES
DJI has been making new and innovative products in the drone and videography business for a long time now. This year, at CES they showcased a ...
CES 2019 Day 2 highlights – Eye-tracking VR headset, DJI smart drone controller, and more
While some events may start to dwindle after first day excitement, CES 2019 day 2 is keeping things alive. We're still seeing big announcements roll in ...
DroneDJ's Best of CES 2019 Awards: DJI Smart Controller, Draco 4×4 and more
And we know it will make a big difference for many drone pilots. The DJI Smart Controller, it offers you an integrated 5.5″ display that is much brighter ...
DJI unveils smart RC with built-in display at CES
DJI has launches its new smart radio controller at CES 19, a device featuring a built-in display. The remote, which lets pilots fly new drones without a ...
CES 2019: DJI Reveal Smart Controller with Built-In Display
The world's leading drone manufacturer DJI has revealed their new ultimate drone accessory today at CES 2019: the Smart Controller with an ...

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