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Mobile News: Google's Project Fi cell service likely coming to iPhone
According to The Verge (and Droid Life), Google has announced that its ... By opening the service up, in particular for iOS devices like the iPhone, Google ... in the middle of nowhere flying a DJI Mavic Air drone, and getting download ...
MMC's Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Offers Flight Endurance of Up to 4 Hours
The H-1 Fuel Cell is a drone agnostic solution, compatible with MMC's own ... as well as other commercial drones from manufacturers including DJI.
Battery cell error
Hi guys,just got my Inspire 2 a couple of days ago, everything was i charged them again but also run all updates (AC and remote) and got the battery cell error.anyone knows what is going on?Kind regardsErnst View attachment 14433 View attachment 14434
Cell Tower Inspection
Hello,Is there anyone here that has done a cell tower inspection? I'm using the Inspire Pro with 45mm lens.1) Will the drone get any signal interference from the tower (I hear yes and no)?2) Whats the safest way to conduct a cell tower inspection with a drone?3) What precaution should I take?4) What potential dangers should I look out for?5) Are there any other important facts that I need to know regarding drone cell tower inspections?6) Is there any additional equipment that...Cell Tower Inspection
TB50 DOA with "Battery Cell Damaged"
Received my new I2 and an extra set of batteries yesterday. After charge the second set of batteries had one battery give the "Battery Cell Damaged Error" and indeed shows one cell with lower voltage.Should I return to the dealer or work with DJI to get a new battery? Any advice from others who may have delt with this issue is appreciated....TB50 DOA with "Battery Cell Damaged"
This looks promising for broken battery cell
I wish that I knew this before disposing of broken cell batteryDJI Inspire One Battery Revival... - PaulJC
Variation in Battery Cell Voltages
Just noticed that the cell voltages differ by amounts I feel may be concerning. I noticed that they only vary significantly when under load, which makes sense, but I want to know if the variation I am seeing is normal. These are the batteries that came with the bird.
Telus trains drone pilots to conduct cell tower maintenance
The DJI Inspire drone, supplied by Gap Wireless, was well-suited to operate at the sub-zero temperatures, but the iPad used to control it wasn't.

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