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Peter Neenan writes for PI Focus about what might happen in the case of a drone-aircraft collision
There is an increased likelihood of a drone-aircraft collision occurring in the near future. In his article Flight Risk, in PI Focus, Peter Neenan, Partner in ...
Mavic 2 case from Go Professional Cases – We put it to the test
The Mavic 2 case from Go Professional Cases (GPC) is one of the first ... Under the drone is a pocket that can be used for part of the iPad holder or it ...
Extreme Testing: FreeWell DJI Mavic Air case
Even though the Mavic Air was proven to be one of DJI's toughest drones, a case is always a good idea. FreeWell is known for drone accessories like ND filters, but now they have released a Mavic Air case that is basically on par with a Pelican case but at a lower price. To see just how durable the ...
The FAA is investigating what could be the first case of a drone causing an aircraft to crash in the US
... a student, was practising low-altitude hovering over the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park when a small white drone appeared “directly in front of them”. The pilot took over the controls and tried to avoid the drone, but hit a tree. Bloomberg reports the drone was a DJI Phantom, and the company said ...
Win a DOUBI DJI Spark Case via Instagram Giveaway!
To celebrate the New Year, We Talk UAV will be giving away multiple drone related items. An Instagram follower already won an E58 Pocket Drone, and now a DOUBI DJI Spark carrying case is ready to be given out. To enter, all you have to do is tag three friends on Instagram, follow @wetalkuav and ...
Squeezing into a phone case, the Selfly is a drone fit for everyday carrying
Drones are among the coolest ways to do photography, but they're hardly convenient. Professional camera drones are hefty, not to mention expensive. Even our favorite drone for taking selfies, the DJI Spark, runs about $500. If you want a more convenient way to take pictures from the sky, AEE may ...
DJI Battery Station is a waterproof case for pros
DJI released an all-in-on waterproof battery station for Inspire 2, M200 Series and Ronin 2 users. It is built specifically for the TB50 battery, and it comes in a Pelican-like rolling case. The DJI Battery Station was created for drone film makers and industry workers looking for a mobile battery storage and ...

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