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DJI's commercial drones can now carry more sensors into dangerous situations
Drone maker DJI makes a lot of really fun, consumer-oriented flying machines. In fact, the company owns as much as 85 percent of the consumer UAV market, which makes them the leader in the category. The company's most recent announcement, however, indicates that it's increasing its efforts for ...
OPINION: Drones and marvels of unmanned flight carry a mass of possibilities
JOHANNESBURG - A few months ago I did something that many fathers across the world have done at least once in their lives - I bought my son a kite. We assembled the kite together and we flew it. I must admit, it was an amazing feeling for me to witness the look on his face as he watched the kite ...
Video: Watch an Autonomous Passenger Drone Carry Real People in Flight Test
During the video, we see the CEO take a flight along with other government and company officials who nervously board the small passenger drone. The drone itself looks like a super-sized version of a drone found manufactured by DJI or other commercial drone vendor but big enough to carry up to two ...
Carry this drone in pocket! Compact foldable DJI Mavic Air can be your best adventure buddy
With the launch of Mavic Air, the Chinese drone-maker DJI has raised the bar in portable 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Drone market. As drones are highly in-demand in digital cinematography, this one will be the best portable drone compared to the DJI Mavi Pro which was launched in September last year ...
Boeing's beast of a drone can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo
Perhaps the only surprising thing about Boeing's remotely controlled octocopter is that it's taken it this long to make one. The aerospace company unveiled this meaty flying machine on Wednesday and claims it has the potential to transform the way we carry heavy payloads over relatively short distances ...
Smugglers Using Large Drones to Carry Drugs Across the US-Mexico Border
According to, the 2-foot tall DJI Matrice 600 drone that was seized is capable of carrying up to 33 pounds, and it hauled a 13-pound package ...
From camera to drone to gym clothes, the Alpaka Shift Pack can carry it all
This space is big enough to accommodate a DSLR and a lens or even DJI's small folding drone, the Mavic. A laptop sleeve in the bag's main ...
Need advice on whether or not taking the inspire 2 slightly apart to fit into carry on luggage
I am traveling for 3 days from Europe to USA, and want to bring an inspire 2 along. My plan is to travel light so I am only taking a carry on luggage. I know it's not wise to take it apart but it will save me time at the airports. Is it possible to take the 2 landing legs apart of the body? And will it fit into the carry on? Will I have problems with US customs taking it on the plane? Appreciate some advice.

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