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New Canadian Drone Regulations to Go Into Effect on June 1
"While DJI drones meet our own high quality assurance requirements, we have spent the last few months diligently reviewing our documentation, ...
Canadian drone laws set to change in June 2019
DJI, the makers of the Mavic, Spark, and Phantom lines of consumer drones, made a statement about the upcoming rules, welcoming the changes and ...
DJI welcomes new Canadian drone rules
DJI has welcomed the introduction of new Canadian modernised drone regulations announced earlier this week. Put forward by Canadian transport ...
DJI welcomes release of modernized Canadian drone rules
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, welcomes today's publication of modernized Canadian drone regulations as a ...
Aerial Tech Drones Coupon 2018 | The Canadian Drone Supply And Servicing
It bears a soft complete along with an ultramodern appearance in contrast to any drone from DJI (or even additional drone producers in that case).
Canadian company receives federal certificate for drone delivery
Drone deliveries may become a reality sooner than expected now that Drone Delivery Canada Corp. received a compliance certificate from the federal ... if you would consider the offers of our advertisers or would buy your next drone or drone accessories through one of our partners such as DJI, Parrot, ...
Airliner damaged by drone as it landed at Canadian airport
A commercial airliner was damaged when it was hit by a drone while ... Although the make and model of drone has not yet been identified, DJI, the ...
Drone collision: Canadian passenger plane suffers damage after direct hit
Earlier this month, a helicopter flying over New York City collided with a Phantom 4 drone, a popular consumer model made by drone giant DJI.

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