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Canada's Drone Operators Can Relax a Little: 9 DJI Drones are Now on the List
It took a Canadian drone operator to explain to me the devilish detail in the Canadian drone regulations first proposed in 2017: the list of “compliant ...
DJI asks for Transport Canada's help with future drone pilot test
Drone manufacturer DJI held a press conference in Richmond Hills, Ontario, today, in order to ask for Transport Canada's help in creating a drone ...
The Potential Industry Killer in Canada's New Drone Regs
The Potential Industry Killer in Canada's New Drone Regs ... At first glance, Canada's proposed new drone regulations seem like a big step ... none of the DJI, Yuneec or other major manufacturer prosumer drones are on the list even ...
Canada's Disappointing Drone Regs
Transport Canada has released a draft of new drone laws, which the world's leading drone manufacturer DJI says could significantly limit the industry.
A look at Transport Canada's updated drone regulations
Earlier in the month, at the Canadian launch of its new drone, the DJI Spark, Adam Lisberg, DJI's corporate communication director for North America, ...
DJI Applauds Canada's Changes to 'Extremely Restrictive' Drone Rules
DJI is applauding Transport Canada's revised interim order on drone use to replace an earlier version that the company says put unreasonable ...
DJI Pleased Over Canada's Easing of Recreational Drone Use Rules
Canada's Minister of Transport has issued an interim order which provides relief from a previous mandate that was especially onerous to drone ...

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