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Why is the DJI Osmo Pocket camera making such a buzz?
DJI, mainly known for making drones, caused a sensation yesterday in New York by presenting its Osmo Pocket. Forget the drones, DJI is back with a ...
Why Insects are Creating the Buzz in Drone Development
DJI Innovations – a prominent drone manufacturer – is already worth $8 billion, serving markets from agriculture and media to energy and construction ...
The 9 best drones for generating some holiday buzz
DJI has built its name on larger prosumer drones that shoot high quality video and photos, but that doesn't mean it was about to ignore the selfie drone space. The Spark is the Chinese company's answer to the horde of startups offering diminutive micro-drones that autonomously snap their owners, and ...
The Buzz: UK Police Forces Launch Drone Units
A news release from the Devon and Cornwall police stated then they'd be working together with Dorset to operate four DJI Inspire 1 drones, evaluating ...
The Buzz: Featuring Grants, Hacks, Goggles, and More!
The GEO system plays an absolutely crucial role in keeping DJI drones out of manned airspace, away from sensitive facilities, and generally away ...

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