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The Buzz: UK Police Forces Launch Drone Units
A news release from the Devon and Cornwall police stated then they'd be working together with Dorset to operate four DJI Inspire 1 drones, evaluating ...
The Buzz: Featuring Grants, Hacks, Goggles, and More!
The GEO system plays an absolutely crucial role in keeping DJI drones out of manned airspace, away from sensitive facilities, and generally away ...
The Buzz: The Low-Down on the High-Up
Well, the DJI Spark continues to grab attention with it's ability to interpret your .... Recently, TDC attended Drone Journalism School, where DJI, Google ...
The Buzz: Drone News – The Video Edition
Since we're on a bit of a video roll here, it seems only appropriate to give you a peek of the latest from DJI. It's a short flick about skateboarding, which ...
The Buzz: TDC's Drone News Roundup
DJI has once again tapped into a new area of technology. A report from an Australian website says the tech company has developed a drone capable ...
The Buzz: The Week's Drone News Highlights
Mind you, it doesn't have the multitude of smart features you can get with DJI's Spark (which can even respond to numerous hand gestures and whose ...
Isle School's new drone is all the buzz
Actually, it's Isle School's new drone flying around town as of late. ... Triple A awarded the district $1,400 to purchase a DJI Phantom 4 Drone, and ...
Transmitter fan hum or buzz
Just received a second inspire pro this weekend to add to the fleet. Everything seems good except for one thing I have never noticed on my other Inspire rig. The transmitter after a few min has a audible hum or buzz I have never heard before. Nothing obvious seems loose. if I turn it off and back on it goes away, then returns a few min later.1) Am I losing the little bit of mind I have left?2) Do the ALL hum and I have never noticed?3) Thoughts on returning for a new one?Thanks Gents.

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