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Winnipeg cyclist draws giant fat bike in the snow
“For Christmas, my wife got me a DJI Mavic Pro drone. I used it to get a bird's-eye view. I made a few corrections and then broke out the snowblower and snowblowed the whole thing out. It took me about three and a half days — it was a lot of work,” he said. The drone also allowed him to show off the ...
Photo of the Day: Aerial view of Jiufen on Christmas Day
The photographer, who goes by the Instagram handle @thefuryandsound, took the photo on Christmas Day with a DJI Spark drone. He says that he chose Jiufen because it is a "beautiful place for photography" and he enjoys visiting the back streets on a clear day. Jiufen is an old mountain town which ...
Amazing birds eye view of snowbound Sutton Coldfield captured by a drone
Amazing birds eye view of snowbound Sutton Coldfield captured by a drone ... Drone footage shows snowy Boldmere in Sutton Coldfield at 400m! ... Rob Holloway filmed from a frozen Frederick Road in Boldmere and piloted his DJI Mavic Pro drone to 400 metres above the Royal Town where the drone ...
Bird's eye view of Potters Bar in the snow
A bird's eye view of Potters Bar in the snow on Sunday, December 10, taken from a drone. Picture: Darren Lee Media at Former Dame Alice Owen's School pupil Darren, of Shillitoe Avenue, braved yesterday's Arctic weather conditions to fly his drone. He has been running his ...
WATCH: Drone footage shows magical San Antonio snow scene
It was long before drones were invented and able to capture the majestic sight. When the opportunity presented itself Friday morning, Drue Placette took his DJI Mavic Pro drone to the skies over The Dominion neighborhood and Boerne Stage Road areas. The end result is a magical video, showing ...
Breathtaking drone videos capture the beauty of snow in Houston
A pair of Houston-area drone operators braved the cold Friday morning to capture the beauty caused by the snow in the city and suburbs. Sam Clayton, 37, and Axel Kirchgessner, 56, both ventured outside their homes around 7 a.m. Friday with their DJI Mavic drones to grab high-definition video of the ...
Sarpy 1 drone to be eye in the sky
Barrett said the drone will not fly over private property without permission and will not operate in areas where there exists an expectation of privacy. It will fly no higher than 400 feet and must be within a line of sight at all times. It must stay at least five miles distant from airports unless other arrangements ...
Every DJI Phantom 4 Drone Cyber Monday Deal of 2017, Published by Eye See 360
Eye See 360 have tracked prices across a number of retailers to find the most popular DJI Phantom 4 Cyber Monday deals of 2017. The best deals ...

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