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Swiss Drone Makers Eye Chinese Market
A few Swiss drone manufacturers are eying forays into the booming ... rather than compete with market dominator DJI, whose drones are mainly used ...
Test winner Mavic 2 Pro: The TCS is now testing drone – view
Therefore, the cheap drone gets recommended only the predicate is “conditional”. test winner is the most expensive drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro for ...
Notre Dame de Paris: police c-drone team provides crucial view to fire chief
However, a source in Paris has confirmed to the C-Drone Review that drones by Chinese manufacturer Dà-Jiāng Innovations (DJI) were indeed flown ...
Fargo drone unit lifting off to lend birds-eye view to fires, natural disasters and more
The unit currently has eight drones, which vary by model but were all made by DJI. Drones used by the unit can stream live images to officials on the ...
Elistair drone system gives CNN unique view for Super Bowl LIII coverage
Through the use of a micro-tether and the Elistair Ligh-T drone station, the DJI Matrice 200 could stay airborne for several hours without the need for ...
How to Figure Out a Drone's Angular Field of View
In this case, the toy is a DJI Spark drone (it was a birthday present). I've always wanted a drone that could do some cool stuff. The one I had before ...
Kilmarnock from above: Stunning drone pictures showcase town in the snow
What do you do when Kilmarnock is turned into a winter wonderland? You get your DJI drone out for a bird's eye view of the snow-covered town centre ...

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