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Oxford police now have an eye in the sky with high-def drone
The DJI Inspire 1 drone can be deployed in five minutes or less. Its live ... The chief plans to assign one more Oxford officer to drone deployment.
Setting the bar for drone photography: Danish company release 100mp backlit camera
Danish company Phase One have announced the release of their new iXM 100MP – a camera capable of delivering images with an astounding 100 megapixel resolution. The camera is the first medium format sensor that implements Sony's backside-illuminated (BSI) 44x33mm sensor which enhances ...
Drones keep eagle eye on traffic, offenders
Despite public concern and media coverage, the official said police never fly drones directly over traffic. A photograph released by news agency Yonhap caused uncomfortable reactions as it seemed to show a drone hovering dangerously close to traffic. But the official said the picture was taken using a ...
A Drone's Eye View of Spain's Housing Bubble
Redondo received a DJI Drone Photography Award, which gave him a grant that financed a new tour around Spain, this time using drones to capture aerial photos and video. (Markel Redondo). “Many of these sites are now locked down or there is security. And from the ground I was always frustrated ...
Follow the Patents: Latest Drone Technologies Give an Eagle Eye's View of the Future
9,346,560 for “Systems and Methods for UAV Battery Exchange” is assigned to a leading Chinese drone manufacturer, SZ DJI Technology, that sells drones globally under the DJI brand. DJI's thinking is along the same lines as Amazon's. As drone flights become longer and longer, how will drones ...
Milwaukee County converts Bay View Dog Park to for-profit drone park
As Wilkins spoke, his Phantom4 Pro+ Quadcopter was approached in the air by a DJI Mavic Pro Drone, a cheaper model that appeared to be overeager in its approach. "I'm not flying in any formation with that," he said. "Way too aggressive. If you're going to come out to the park, please train your drone.
Drone policing: The eye in the sky
Of those that already do or plan to use drones, 41 percent of responding agencies said the goal is two or three drones. That being said, most departments not considering a drone cite cost as the prohibitive factor. The two most popular drone models among police departments are the DJI Inspire and DJI ...
Eye in the sky: Elmwood Park drone operator highlights village landmarks from up high
A. I started with small toy drones — then got a DJI Spark Drone and now the Mavic Pro Platinum, which has a 12 megapixel camera and 4K video resolution. Q. What are some of the mechanics that go into taking photos with drones? A. The photographs of the Circle were taken between 200 and 250 feet ...

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