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New drone can perch and rest like a bat to conserve battery
Mimicking the shapes of bat's feet, the researchers affixed a modular framework to the bottom of a DJI F450, that enables it to attach to ledges or even ...
DJI concludes the TB55 battery investigation
Affected drones were from the Matrice and Inspire series. DJI issued an official statement and started an investigation into the issue. The Chinese ...
DJI has 'successfully addressed' TB50 and TB55 battery issue
DJI has concluded its investigation into the issue concerning some TB50 and TB55 batteries reporting incorrect power levels in late 2018.
DJI Concludes TB55 Battery Investigation
January 16, 2019 – DJI has concluded its investigation into the issue ... DJI remains committed to providing powerful and reliable drone solutions for ...
New firmware updates from DJI to solve TB50 and TB55 battery problems
DJI has released new firmware updates for users of TB50 and TB55 ... DJI went on to inform TB50 and TB55 users with M200 series drones to follow ...
Osmo External Battery Extender Introduction
As the name suggests, the main purpose is for the extender to do exactly that – extend the operating time of the DJI Osmo drone by giving the user an ...

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