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Inspire 2 Battery Button Stuck
Anyone else have this problem yet?Battery button stuck, can't load battery, now with the new update that means I can't flyWhat the hell do I do here?
Field battery charging explained:
This topic was discussed many times here and on other forums, and still remains confusing to many. Since my aerial photography and filming is almost exclusively done in remote landscapes, this issue is of paramount importance. Here are my thoughts, based on real life experience.Field battery charging is - unfortunately - more complicated than most of us will expect. The reason? Power supply. You need a plenty of stored or fabricated energy available out there. Relatively small, single...Field battery charging explained:
WTB : Battery Tops
Anyone have battery tops or bricked batteries for sale. Thinking about doing a hydro-dip.
Inspire 2 Battery Purchase - In Store Or In Stock - Orange County,CA
I was just wondering if anyone on here has knowledge who has the Inspire 2 batteries in stock as of today March 15, 2017 = I called 3 places and no one has it and I checked out DJI's website they are also in backorder.I hope anyone on here as some source.Thank you!
Inspire 1 battery repair?
Does anyone know if the TB47 and TB48 can be repaired anywhere in the U.K.? One with a cell down and the other having overheated during discharge. Tried everything to reset them but no joy.Cheers. Nigel.
Inspire 1 Battery Problem (TB48)
Hi all. I have a TB48 Battery that doesn't seem to charge. It was knocked over on the floor.Can you have a look at these videos and tell me what you think.Thanks
Different Battery Percentages
Both batteries are showing the exact same volts but different percentages. Both have been fully charged, one shows as 100% and the other at 93%. Is this something to be worried about?
Those silly little rubber battery covers
Of course I've already lost one and it won't be long before I lose the other. Anyone know where to get these? I did a search but no luck.

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