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DJI Spark Drone, the drone for Beginners: Working Features, Battery, Pros and Cons, Price
Good news for the drone lovers now the DJI is about to release the 'DJI Spar' at the lowest price than the iPhone. DJI is one among the world's largest ...
Banggood Phantom 3 battery review
DJI's replacement battery prices aren't cheap, yet the single battery that comes with a Phantom or Mavic is rarely enough for most people. They take ...
WTB Inspire 1 power management board and battery terminal
Hi Gang,As in the title, I want to buy some parts for the Inspire 1. I'm looking for a replacement power management board, and associated battery terminal for the TB47. Can anybody help?
New Battery Charger Soon?
Does anyone have any info on any other i2 charger systems? The stock charger isn't cutting it for me. I don't want to spend another 100$ on a charger that only charges 2 at a time if I can spend 200$ on a true multi charger. The chargers I see for i1 look amazing.
Battery cell error
Hi guys,just got my Inspire 2 a couple of days ago, everything was i charged them again but also run all updates (AC and remote) and got the battery cell error.anyone knows what is going on?Kind regardsErnst View attachment 14433 View attachment 14434
M600 Pro with 18 batteries and battery case
Selling my M600 Pro with 18 batteries and DJI battery case.Drone comes with the Zenmuse gimbal mounting installed but no camera. 2 Remotes, original DJI packaging etc.Will accept $5,000.00 plus shipping from Dubai with UPS or local collection.The drone has been flown once for a specific requirement I had to carry out. Serious enquiries only.
HELP!! Charging battery issue
I have two TB47s and two TB48s. For some reason I'm unable to top up the charge on both my TB47s. They're both sitting at about 80% charge, due to removing them before finishing their charge earlier today. When I put either of them back on the DJI charger (not the multi hub as haven't got one), nothing happens. No LED lights come on to say they're charging. I can push the button on both to get the battery level and they'll have three LEDs on with the fourth flashing (indicating level...HELP!! Charging battery issue
Smart Battery Charging at High Temperature
Hi all,I'm sure this is correct but would love confirmation from somebody in the know. Inspire 1 batteries will not charge if too hot (above around 35degrees?) Is it safe to attach them to a charger (or 4-way hub) while hot and will they start to automatically charge once they get down to a safe temperature?I only ask as I have a gig coming up that will require lots of battery changes and charges to keep going all day and I'd rather not have the hassle of trying to keep tabs on whether...Smart Battery Charging at High Temperature

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