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Who Needs a Plane? Jetpacks, Hot Air Balloons and 3 Other Ways to Get High Without Wings
Its carbon fiber body saves weight, which means Hoversurf was able to install larger batteries that can keep the personal drone aloft for 10 to 25 ...
​Alphabet's Loon balloons just beamed the internet across 1000km
SEE: The new commute: How driverless cars, hyperloop, and drones will change our travel plans (TechRepublic cover story) | download the PDF ...
Hot Balloons Flying Alone Golf Course in Califorina
I have the amazing luxury of Hot Air Balloons flying over my area just about every day. I finally got to capture one floating along one of the golf courses near my home. Enjoy!
50 Deaths Caused by Hot Air Balloons
Over the last decade, from 2005 til present, there have been a combined 50 deaths caused by hot air balloons to both passengers, and people on the ground.Should there be stricter regs for hot air balloons?You are definitely more likely to get bit by a shark than hit with a uav?(should we kill all the sharks to make sure no one gets bit?)I have been looking really hard and can't find any deaths cause by UAV's during that same span?Am I just a bad "searcher" or are there not any to...50 Deaths Caused by Hot Air Balloons
The Internet-Connected Balloons and Drones Are Coming
Second, Pichai said that Google's Internet drones, united under the scary-sounding Project Titan label, would make test flights in the coming months.

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