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Airdog Autonomous Drone Flies Through Gray Area Of Law
The past few months have seen a flurry of activity with companies producing hands-free drones, from the folding Hover Camera to the new DJI Spark.
Startup Hangar Unveils Free Autonomous Control App For DJI Drones
One of the challenges drone users have faced is a way to affordably and seamlessly edit and stitch images. With the Hangar 360 free app drone users ...
Which autonomous flight app is best for Matrice 100?
I want to use our Matrices, one with X5 and the other with Flir VuePro, to make orthomosaic maps. To do so, I need to autonomously fly waypoint "lawnmower" patterns. I'm trying to figure out which of the autonomous flight programs out there would be EASIEST and BEST SUITED for this mission. Ideally, for the X5, I'd like the program to provide both autonomous flight and camera control. I would appreciate hearing your opinions and advice.Thanks
Hangar Acquires Market Leading Autonomous Drone Flight Company Autoflight Logic
Autopilot, the company's flagship software is a ground control station that provides autonomous and semi-autonomous flight modes for DJI drones, ...
Building an autonomous drone for academia, ideas on senor, req, etc
Greetings,I am part of a thirty member team of mechanical, computer, and electrical engineers collaborating with Northup Gruman, NASA, Aerial Alchemy, and a few select other sponsors to build an autonomous drone to assist emergency responders. Currently we are scouring the industry and drone enthusiasts for ideas on requirements for a system that could record/transfer data in real time via video, camera, infared, flir, etc. Our primary clients are fire, law enforcement, hazmat, and ems....Building an autonomous drone for academia, ideas on senor, req, etc
Meet Teal, the Autonomous Consumer Drone that Can Fly 85 MPH
An 18-year-old designed the stupid-fast offspring of a DJI Phantom and a ... Teal can already do pretty much whatever you could want a drone to do ...

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