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Drone Interrupts Pro Baseball Game.
An unfortunate incident occurred at a recent major league baseball game. The teams that were playing are the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks. The culprit drone apparently is a Go Pro Karma which Fox news has identified as a rogue drone. Drones at baseball? Why? What was wrong with the beach ball. Check out this video on that incident. View attachment 13817
DJI will now require its drones to be registered online or it will inhibit performance
Now the company is going to require that all DJI drones be registered with the company online. If the drone is not registered then the company will ...
Register Your Drone with DJI Not With FAA
It looks like all DJI drone owners do not have to seek the government's permission. Yet they must have registration with DJI otherwise their costly ...
DJI Drone Flights restricted by software: unless you're registered
A new activation process is about to come into place with DJI drones getting a new firmware update that will require activation before advanced flights ...
DJI Teases a New Mini Drone to be Revealed at May 24th Event
On May 24th, DJI will hold a VIP event in New York releasing a new mini drone. With a brand new promotional video out and about, it is for certain, that ...
DJI update: New process for activating software and firmware updates
At the end of this week a DJI update will introduce a new app activation ... these new guidelines your drones live camera streaming will be disabled, ...
DJI Inspire 2 review
When DJI released the original Inspire drone, it was an instant hit with filmmakers. Up until that point, if you wanted a drone that could carry a decent ...
DJI Will Throttle Your Drone If You Don't Register With Them
Drone registration was a ruling that the FAA introduced back in 2015, but a recent court ruling has found that the the FAA's implementation of the rule ...

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