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Man Arrested After Meth-Laden Drone Flies Over Mexico Border
Authorities say Rivera admitted to smuggling drugs via drone five or six times since March. The drone—a $5,000, DJI Matrice 600 Pro—was found in a ...
Drone DJI Spark: CE o FCC mode, cosa sono e come distinguerle
Per questo evidente motivo, il drone DJI Spark viene pubblicizzato con una portata del radiocomando di 2 Km negli Stati Uniti e di soli 500 metri in ...
El drone DJI Mavic Pro incluye más de $100 en accesorios extra
El drone Mavic Pro de DJI integra modos de pilotaje inteligente y una increíble cámara que se esconden en un instrumento totalmente portátil.
Man vs. Drone: How Good Are DJI's Intelligent Flight Modes?
During all that time, I was never able to use DJI's Intelligent Flight Modes because I did not have them on my drone at the time. That being said, I felt ...
[$120 Off] Best Offer on DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone with Gesture Control
Drone technology has emerged quite recently and has amazed the world in its very own way. Since the technology keeps on exploring itself and tries ...
Drone firm says it's stepping up security after US army ban
Two weeks ago, the US Army told its troops that using drones from DJI – maker of the world's best-selling drones – was henceforth verboten, given ...
DJI Mavic Pro review: Simply the best flying experience – for under a grand
With this done, simply open the DJI app, tap the “take off” button and you're in business. The drone immediately leaps into the air – then hangs there, ...
DJI Reports Enhanced Data Privacy for its Drones
We posted last week about the U.S. Army issuing a memorandum banning the use of DJI drones due to security concerns, but now, this week DJI ...

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