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The Argument Over Drone Registration Continues
By now, everyone in the drone communitiy knows about John Taylor's ... DJI, points out that the FAA's response doesn't prove that drone registration is ...
The cause of >99% of flyaways [ some productive tips & argument]
Pilots in DJI's forum has provided some productive tips for safe flying concluded from real crashes or some accidents.. points like ground level wind speed being deceiving, inappropriate situations for GPS locking, take off too fast without pre-flight etc..Also found some productive argument for crashed cases too, convenience made us ignore some of the most basic skills, however the drones nowadays are indeed getting easier to control, people getting lazier, some of the most important...The cause of >99% of flyaways [ some productive tips & argument]
Got too cocky... got in an argument with a branch...
I did what I said I wasn't going to do. I have stunt quads to play with but the Inspire is so smooth, I couldn't help but play a bit.I was tossing and turning and when I whipped it around and went to go forward, it was still drifting back a bit.... a bit enough to catch a branch.Needless to say, branch 1, Inspire 0.Fortunately, the damage is hopefully minor. The arm for the gimbal broke, the plastic bracket it mounts to and a ribbon cable. (and a prop)Hopefully I'm able to buy a...Got too cocky... got in an argument with a branch...

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