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DJI Drone Shield A Threat To Australian Airports, Claims Can Be Used For Spying
Days after global Drone Company DJI admitted that senior staff have been stealing tens of millions from the private Company, the Chinese Company ...
Heliguy assisting UK airports with drone detection
North-East UAV specialist Heliguy has been assisting major UK airports with their drone-detection systems, as well as showcasing other options to ...
How can drones be prevented from flying too close to airports?
This suggests the drones are not like those commercially sold by companies like DJI and Parrot, but more akin to larger unmanned aircraft used by TV ...
Drones Do Belong at Airports: American Airlines and DJI Demonstrate Why
While many regulations focus on keeping drones away from airports, American Airlines (AA) and DJI are demonstrating drones as a critical tool for ...
New Study Analyzes and Presents the Risks of Drone Collision Near Airports
A new study by researchers at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida found that remotely operated consumer drones exceeded the 400 ...
Study shows need for small UAS geofencing near busy airports
A new 13-day study of DJI drone flights near Daytona Beach International Airport in Florida found that about 20 percent of the flights posed an ...

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