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'Feel' your drone with MotionPilot's haptic joystick
Flying a drone isn't as easy as it looks, as any beginner who has ever purchased one of the pricey things and then immediately crashed it can attest. ... Motion sensor drones aren't exactly new, as DJI's Spark works with hand gestures, for instance, and other companies have built simple drones you can ...
Deal: DJI Phantom 4 Drone for $759 – 1/19/18
It's a bit bigger than some of the newer ones, but it is a great drone nonetheless. It has a gimbal attached with a camera, so you can get some incredible aerial shots around when you're traveling and whatnot. But you can also use it for having some fun. The DJI Phantom 4's battery will only last for about ...
Drone “problem” to get worse in 2018
That's not to say dump your drone. Drone makers like DJI, with a secret event set for Jan 23, certainly think there's a healthy market for consumer drones. But perhaps get up to speed on what's required to fly a drone — and fly by the rules. If not, don't be surprised if you find yourself, and your drone, ...
Development of a Medical Drone in Mississippi
All of them together developed a new drone and gave the drone + improved DJI S1000 a name, Health Integrated Rescue Operations (HiRO). The function of the drone is to serve as a remote to an on-call doctor, which utilizes an improved reality interface to provide bystander's instructions to offer simple ...
Pflugerville High School receives donated drone
David Robb, head of the audio-visual and journalism programs at Pflugerville High School, accepts a donated drone from Pflugerville Education ... Last month the high school received a DJI Mavic Pro Drone and accessories through an anonymous donor who had presented it to the Pflugerville ...
DJI Teases New Drone Coming Next Week, Possibly With Weather Resistance and Other Upgrades
Is there anything more simultaneously annoying and fun than speculating about a new product based on the obscure references in a hype video? Well, DJI just released a teaser video for their upcoming event on January 23, and it looks like they're planning something big. Here's what we think it is.
LaCie 2TB DJI Copilot External Storage Designed For Drone Pilots
Peripheral and storage manufacturer LaCie has unveiled a new external hard drive they have created this week in the form of the DJI Copilot. Designed specifically for drone pilots and photographers enabling users to easily transferring footage recorded from drones and cameras. The rugged portable ...
DJI will unveil something new on 23 January, Mavic Air drone a possibility
The line "from seemingly insignificant size comes formidable strength and power", could refer to a new, small drone that will be incredibly powerful. Some insiders believe it could be a new Mavic Air drone to slot in between the Mavic Pro and palm-sized DJI Spark, and one that will hopefully record 4K ...

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