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Speeding up osmosis: picturing DJI's Osmo and Mavic Air for tech-savvy Mums
DJI says that it strongly believes that drones, alongside other handheld photographic and cinematic devices, are becoming a key movement in the ...
The DJI Mavic Air drone Dad wants is on sale for $695
But this is, to quote CNET's Mavic Air review, "a folding 4K mini drone that's close to perfect." The folding part is key: I own a DJI Spark, which is kind of ...
Raytheon Directed-Energy Weapons Down Drones in Air Force Demonstration
The directed-energy systems recently brought down DJI Phantom 4 ... and quadcopter" drones during an Air Force demonstration at White Sands ...
Reno Will Serve As Test Site For Integrating Drones Into Commercial Air Traffic
To ensure that everything goes according to plan on the ground and in the air during the tests, NIAS will use an advanced DJI drone for aerial ...
DJI releases new firmware update for the DJI Mavic Air – v01.00.0620
DJI releases new firmware update for the DJI Mavic Air – v01.00.0620 ... Buy your next drone through directly from manufacturers, such as DJI, Parrot, ...
Master Airscrew Introduces Low Noise Propellers for DJI Mavic Air
However, since Mavic Air's release, DJI hasn't announced an official propeller upgrade to this entry level drone. Even Mavic Air is positioned as an ...
The Developing Fight for Tactical Air Control
Even if they possessed the ability, the opportunity cost of using an aircraft like an F-35 to engage and destroy a $600 DJI Phantom drone is immense.
Drones given to keep Forestry in the air
They include three of the latest DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. ... Drone training coordinator Perry Malan told The National that the ...

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