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Action Camera Showdown: GoPro vs Smartphones
Additionally, their tiny size and versatility make them perfect for capturing extreme sports: you can mount it on your bike helmet, your DJI drone, the ...
AirDog's ADII 'follow me' drone doubles down on action sports
With ADII, the goal is to have you embrace being in the moment without worrying about your drone. DJI tried to do this with Spark, but it's more of an ...
AirDog's Action Adventure Drone Is Back For Round Two With The ADII
Its USP is that it's the drone for the sports enthusiast, which means ... For people used to drones like DJI's Phantom, the user interface can be a little ...
DJI Drone Manufacturer Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Firmware Update
Last week, a class action law suit was filed against leader in the drone industry, DJI Technology, Inc. (DJI), for an allegedly harmful firmware update ...
Class Action
Hi guys, I read of falling Inspire 2 from the sky, updating problems, stuck AC, looong times for fixing, long times for shippping, reduced features, all kinda stories, but, did anybody start a class action against DJI?
Back to action cam: GoPro Karma drone soars again after recall
After years of development, the company had to recall 2,500 sold Karma drone units while DJI introduced one of its most impressive and smallest ...
Yi Erida tricopter drone carries the new 4K+ 60p Action Camera to new heights
Yi Erida tricopter drone carries the new 4K+ 60p Action Camera to new ... To put that speed into perspective the DJI Inspire 2 can fly at up to 58 mph or ...
DJI Phantom 4 Pro vs GoPro Karma Review: Which Action Drone Will You Choose?
The world of drone witnessed the two latest models by two master makers, GoPro and DJI. With the release of GoPro's Karma Drone and DJI's ...

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