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It's astounding: GoPro's TimeWarp smoothes the action
The capacity for cameras to process video on the go is big this year. I have already reviewed the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone that processes images to ...
DJI Drone Preparations for Action Motorsport Shots
At concert halls, secure buildings, wrestling matches, sports events especially those covering large landscapes like boat races and formula sports ...
GoPro updates the Karma drone firmware for the new Hero 7 action camera
In another very good and detailed review from DC Rainmaker about the new GoPro Hero 7, he mentions that the action camera company actually ...
GoPro Hero 7 Camera Breaks Cover Promising More Stable, Waterproof Action Shooting
That disastrous drone outing meant that in January 2018 GoPro laid off hundreds of people in its drone division as it became clear the Karma drone ...
DHS Calls for Action After Explosive Drone Incident in Venezuela
According to Reuters, the alleged assassination attempt involved a pair of DJI M600 UAVs, which were equipped with C4 explosives that detonated ...
DJI Commends UK Government's Positive Action to Nurture the Drone Industry
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, welcomes today's proposals from the UK Government to address concerns ...
Xiaomi Is Mulling the Acquisition of Action Camera Maker GoPro but Is Not Ready to Pay More ...
... a Chinese drone company to buy GoPro, but DJI did not find the offer lucrative. Whether it's Xiaomi that buys GoPro or any other company, the revenue is unlikely to grow by a lot. The action camera manufacturer has been struggling to diversify and had to shut down its drone business in January after ...

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