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RC Control Gear • FrSky R-XSR Receiver
FrSky R-XSR Receiver 16ch sbus.jpgThe all new FrSky R-XSR 16ch SBus Receiver is now in stock at Quadcopters, Weighing only 1.5g and a third of the size of the XSR this new 2.4ghz rx will be very popular. Purchase link Posted by — Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:02 pm — Replies 0 — Views 1
RC Control Gear • FrSky Radio and Receivers UK
Looking for the best place to buy the FrSky X9D or perhaps the compact Taranis Q X7 Radio Quadcopters Uk have all you need.Official UK Dealers for Frsky-Rc and the largest UK FPV Racing store carrying a large range of radios , transmitters and FrSky receivers.Popular models such as the Taranis Q X7 and the X9D along with receivers such as the XM+ and XSR , we even stock the X9D Special Edition radios such as rock monster and blazing skull.Free shipping over £100.00 Taranis X9D inc Eva Case - Taranis X9D Spe
RC Control Gear • New radio on its way
Today had email from T9 my new Horus radio is with DHL on its way to me Statistics: Posted by 1275mini — Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:36 pm — Replies 0 — Views 0
RC Control Gear • DJ6 & Part No.31 Receiver - Gimble Tilt Control
I have now received my receiver (Part 31) for my DJ6 and set about configuring it last night, I had a couple of challenges but I think these are now resolved, but I have a question relating to the Gimble pitch control.The receiver has two connectors S-Bus & Gimble control, the S-Bus is connected to X2 on the Naza & the Gimble to X1, in the Naza assistant I can calibrate both the sticks and X2. The X1 calibration is very hit or miss, initially it wasn't working and then I've seen it move twice when I move the control on the back of the DJ6. Is this normal or am I missing some thing?The
RC Control Gear • Beginner / Low cost (£100) TX rx - UK Availability
I'm now at the point of trying to purchase my first set of radio gear for my F450 build and when I started looking it appeared that a budget of £100 would get me flying, my current list of option is:-DJI DT7 & DR16 - availability ok, price OK, complete kit easy install, but longer term limited functionality.Turnigy 9xr - no availability, price OK, need to buy additional RX & tx, budget unit but better functionality.frSky Taranis - Availability ok, higher price, no additional items required, good functionallity.HobbyKing is my first port of call for the 9xr but nearly all the items I'v
RC Control Gear • Assigning retracts onto Taranis
I have just obtained retracts for my DJIF550 hex and need some help to set them up on my Taranis. The retracts come with two integrated servos connected via a Y harness which needs to be plugged into a spare channel on the receiver. That seems straight forward enough but here's the question. I have an FR Sky X8R Rx connected to the Naza control unit using S-Bus and I have assigned 7 channels in the mixes on the Tx; I need to connect the retracts to the Rx so should I plug the cable into Channel 8 on the Rx and then assign it to a switch and channel in the Mixes screen on the Taranis?I would a

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