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0.330 FW update killed my speed.
So after reading the posts here that all was good with the new 330 FW, and speed was restored, I decided to update. All in all, a very good update, BUT it killed my speed.Before I was doing solid 70-72 kmh in GPS mode (which was a good cruising speed) now I only get 61-63 kmh, no matter what. This is just like a Phantom. So not very happy with that.Sport mode seems ok.What is your experience ?
DJI's new controller allows drone pros to custom configure flight settings
On Sunday, April 23, DJI announced the Cendence remote control, ... To enhance the communication between the controller and the drone, DJI's new ...
Update - Cinelog gone?
Just did update on I2 and I only have Standard / DLog to choose from in options, where has Cinelog, Film, Art etc gone?
DJI release nice to haves at NAB 2017 Cendence Controller and Antenna Tracking
I have heard it said that DJI flight controllers have toy-like simplicity. Personally ... Cendence is compatible with DJI's Matrice 200 and Inspire 2 drones.
DJI Cendence - Professional Remote Controller
Announcing the DJI Cendence Professional Remote Controller -- DJI's first multi-platform controller for professionals who need versatility, efficiency and personalization at their fingertips. View attachment 13314 Intuitive ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hands, allowing easy access to programmable function buttons and dials.Users can program and store customized button configurations for different flight and shooting options, and can use two dials to...DJI Cendence - Professional Remote Controller
iPad mini no longer connects via usb to RC
After a successful dual controller flight, my iPad mini stopped talking to the inspire controller. Iphones all work fine with RC's. Ipad Mini still works fine through wifi with the osmo, but when I connect it via usb to RC it will not connect. I re-installed app. I tested usb cables and port = all good. RC controls function properly and connect to the aircraft. Maybe I fat fingered a setting? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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