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DJI Spark Firmware Update – Improved Gesture Control and Photo Quality
The DJI Spark camera drone has received a new firmware update that will include enhanced gesture control to start recording, a quick-shot feature as ...
DJI Spark drone gets a gesture control update
When DJI launched its diminutive Spark drone back in May, a key feature was a set of gesture controls that allowed users to ditch the joysticks and fly it ...
DJI Spark firmware update adds new video, photo features
The DJI Spark firmware update also gives the drone better responsiveness to input from the remote controller, DJI says, as well as enhanced ...
DJI Spark Update: New Video and Photo Features
DJI's latest firmware update comes with a number of new and improved ... With concerns over hackers modifying their DJI drones, this is perhaps the ...
DJI Spark camera update adds gesture-controlled video
DJI's Spark drone has gained a host of new camera abilities, with the “flying camera” getting a fresh firmware update today. The Spark, launched back ...
DJI Spark update introduces 180-degree selfie mode
Owners of the DJI Spark will be glad to know they now have a little more functionality with their palm-sized selfie drone. Thanks to a software update, ...
DJI Issues Firmware Update to Prevent Hackers Evading Geo
Today, DJI has claimed that “a recent firmware update issued for all DJI drones fixes reported issues and ensures DJI's products continue to provide ...

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